Lil Wayne Seizure Scare Has Us All a Lil Worried

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lil wayneI don't know about y'all, but I'm getting a Lil Worried about Lil Wayne. The rapper suffered from two seizures in 24 hours -- both of which, oddly, happened on airplanes. Like, mid-flight. Yikes!

The first time Weezy was on his way to LAX from Texas when he started to convulse and the plane was diverted to Louisiana, where he was treated at a hospital and released. The same thing happened the next time he tried to leave Texas (he was treated in a Texas hospital).

Lil Wayne's rep says the seizures were a result of dehydration and migraine headaches. Which, um, could totally be the truth.


Because seizures can be caused by all sorts of things. I think.

Really, I looked it up. Here are some things that can make a person have seizures:

A rapidly increasing fever

Low blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Brain damage

Brain tumors

Withdrawal from alcohol or drugs

Infections such as meningitis

Parasitic infections such as tapeworm

Okay, so I don't see migraines or dehydration on that list, exactly. BUT that doesn't necessarily mean that Lil Wayne is having seizures because he's drugged out of his head or went on a purple drank bender. We can't just assume that. The man could have a tapeworm, people!! Or maybe he's developed some sort of neurological disorder triggered by changes in cabin pressure. Maybe these are airplane-only seizures. We just don't know.

But whatever's making Lil Wayne sick, we hope he gets well soon! It's not like anybody can take his place while he's under the weather -- dude is one of a kind.

Why do you think Lil Wayne is having seizures?


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kelti... kelticmom

The EXACT same thing happened to Rick Ross a year or so ago. Two seizures on two airplanes. Those were blamed on sleep deprivation. Lil Wayne is on parole, so I don't think it would be drugs bc that would be in violation, and if he failed a test he would go back to prison. Who knows. Hope he is ok tho, he has four kids that need him.

nonmember avatar Lola

My husband has epilepsy and I'm very saddened by how little the general public knows about seizures. Especially since 1 in 20 people will have one over the course of their lifetime. If Lil Wayne had seizure activity noticible to other people, it was most likely a tonic-clinic seizure. This is the kind of full-body event (poorly) portrayed in medical tv shows. Something the author of this article missed in her cursory google search is that migraines are very closely related to seizures. They are both caused by random misfirings in the brain, and are even treated with the same medications. Many people with epilepsy will experience a migraine or aura before a seizure. Frankly, I find it in poor taste that this article is casting aspersions on Lil Wayne's PR people. What are your medical credentials? This is clearly not a case of celebrity "exhaustion" quickly followed by drug rehab. My thoughts and prayers are with Lil Wayne and his family right now. Seizures and the people who have them suffer from a long history of mistrust and suspicion. I can't abide by this prurient article. You are trying to make salacious gossip out of someone's medical challenge! Grow up.

howcrazy howcrazy

I have epilepsy. You are pretty much diagnosed with epilepsy because there isn't a reason for your seizures. There is no rhyme or reason to my seizures. I had my first at 5 had a couple of more, then had another in 4th grade an didnt have another that one would recogniZe until I was 19. The best guess is sleep deprivation, sooo your insenuations are pretty rude.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Judging from his lyrics, I highly doubt it's epilepsy. He's talked about using cocaine, cough syrup, and "Molly" or ecstasy. It's sad because he has 4 kids and he's barely even 30. 

bills... billsfan1104

Lola and howcrazy. Thank you. My daughter has epilepsy. He should of been diagnosed with it by now. I wish this blogger went to the Epilepsy Foundation website and educated herself.

zombi... zombiemommy916

My best friend of 30 years has drug-related seizures from years of amphetamine abuse and has also had two brain surgeries due to's still nothing to speculate or make light of ie; "purple drank"....until you are in the company of someone who has them on a regular basis, you can't understand the seriousness of it...this article was incredibly crass and tasteless...

abra819 abra819

I was gonna say, "migraines and dehydration" who we're talking about here. Substance king.

Bubbl... Bubbles318

HOLY CRAP! I guess I had missed this. You're right, he really is one of a kind. I hope that whatever the cause may be, he gets it under control. And QUICKLY!

Texas... TexasGirl512

As a migraineur I've spent plenty of time in the emergency room because of the pain and dehydration. Luckily I've never had a seizure, but it's not to say it couldn't happen. Sharon Stone suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding that occurs in the space between the surface of the brain and skull) when she thought she was just having a bad migraine. I hope Lil Wayne seeks treatment before he suffers irreversible damage. Both migraines and epilepsy are treatable.

dms811 dms811

Yes, dehydration can cause seizures. Loss of too much water can cause hypernatremia, which can cause seizures.

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