Jef Holm's Lust for Fame May Have Been Bigger Than His Love for Emily Maynard


Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

Say. It. Isn't. So. I really don't want to believe the rumor about Emily Maynard dumping Jef Holm because he's a fame whore, but the more I hear, the more it sounds like he may have had a greater lust for the spotlight than the gorgeous blond he promised he'd "never stop falling in love with."

And we're not even talking a general hunger for attention. Nope -- supposedly Jef even had dreams of going on Dancing With the Stars. (Whaaaaaattt? As a performer or a judge?)

According to a new report in OK! Magazine, Jef was all about landing as many publicity events and photo ops as he could -- and securing a gig on DWTS was one of his many lofty aspirations.

OMG. Are you believing this? JEF is the fame whore in this equation? (Not that I ever thought Emily was. Other people were the ones calling her that. I know better.)

If this is true, color me a complete and total idiot -- because I seriously thought that Jef was one of the nicest, most genuine guys who had ever been on any season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette. And if these claims are for real, they only further prove that I can't judge anyone's character on that show worth a crap. (Yes, I initially thought Jake Pavelka was the bee's knees. Sue me. And don't even get me started on Bob Guiney. And I STILL love Wes Hayden even though everyone thinks he's the bad boy.)

And while Jef was really digging all of the perks of his newfound fame, apparently Emily wasn't too keen on the idea of her and Ricki getting caught up in all that stuff. Wait for it -- she wanted to live her life at home in Charlotte like a normal, everyday mom. (The nerve!)

I want to believe that Jef is a sweet guy who is 100 percent the real deal, I truly do. But considering there are also rumors about him shopping a tell-all book detailing what went down behind the scenes between him and Emily, I just can't help but think that maybe the idea of him looking for a career in showbiz instead of a wife isn't as far fetched as it sounds.

(Damn. I'd better get things right on Sean Lowe's season.)

Do you think Jef is looking for fame, or did he really love Emily?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar Marge

Man, I thought Arie was the one that was just in it for the fame. Smh...

Kelly Pittman

oh my please leave jef and emily alone, i believe they love each other and you as in the media are the ones breaking them up cause you wont leave them alone. I dont believe jef is all about the fame actually either one of them or they wouldnt care for the media talking about them or being on top of everyone else sorry but they would like for the media to leave them alone. good luck emily and jef

Sali Colburn

Do you people seriously think she is looking for her great love on a TV show? She is so shallow.

Lainie Gutterman

I think the media is blowing it all out of proportion.  In this day & age, I highly doubt anyone goes on a reality TV show looking for love over fame, fortune & the spotlight.  Emily isn't so innocent.  She got an agent & wants a talk show. 

Don't get started on Bob Guiney is right.  He's a terrific guy! 

kkey75 kkey75

I was team Sean all the way, but Jef always bugged me. Something just wasn't right. Who knows?

Cathy Lynn Jones Kvistad

 I believe you can find love on the show if you want it bad enough, know what you are looking in a man or woman. Its sad that Jake, Andrew ( the Navy Officer ) didn't find true love. I wanted them to find true love. Emily thought she found it with Jef. Emily knew what she was looking for in man. Its wrong to go on the show for fame. Your dealing with a man or woman hearts who are looking for true love. I would love to see Emily & Jef get back together and show others that love can be found on the show. I would love to see Sean make it all the way to marriage.

Bobbie Smith

I don't think Jef went on the show seeking anything but a possible love connection but the lights and glamor got to him I think. Emily said he was boring. He didn;t want to stay home he wanted to be where the cameras were and Em always said that isn't what she is looking for.

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