First 'Mad Men' Season 6 Sneak Peek: Megan & Don Don't Look Divorced ... (VIDEO)

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megan and don on the beach jon hamm jessica pare mad menBrace yourselves, fellow Mad Men-aholics, because after a few months without arguably The Best Show on TV, we've finally got a juicy season 6 sneak peek to bite into! Although AMC has kept it relatively quiet that they've already started shooting the next season, paparazzi in Hawaii recently captured the Mad Men crew, Jessica Pare, and Jon Hamm shooting a beachy wedding scene that looks like it'll be part of the season 6 premiere! (No, Don's not the groom again -- looks like he's just playing witness for a bride and her soldier beau.) Sweet!

If you recall, the last time we saw Megan and Don, he was visiting her on the set of her first TV commercial gig. When he made his way from there to a bar, where he ordered an Old Fashioned (hint?) and was promptly hit on by a woman asking if he was "alone," we suspected the couple would be headed for divorce in the sixth season. But at least according to these photos, Megan and Don are still very much on!

That's not to say there aren't bound to be underlying issues. When it comes to Don, you never know what kinds of dirty little (or huge) secrets he's keeping! It's not uncommon for his life to appear squeaky-clean and shiny-perfect ... on the surface. And that's exactly how these photos make the "state of affairs" look between Megan and Don. 

At any rate, we know for sure that Jessica Pare hasn't gone anywhere, which is a relief, because in season 5, viewers totally fell for her in a way we didn't expect to at all. (Kinda like Don, huh?)

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Man, this is SUCH a tease! Can't believe we have to wait 'til 2013 for the premiere, but in the meantime, hopefully even more photos from the set will make their way to the web.

Here's a video with more scoop from the Mad Men set ...


What are you most looking forward to in season 6?


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LadyRabbit White

megans character needs to be axed. no one likes her i'd rather follow peggy or i dunno anyone but meg  i guess matt weiner liked the actress and decided to throw her a bone but she needs to go. i feel like there's no room for her in the storyline and she stole peggys thunder. i feel like weiner smushed peggy and joans character together and meg was the result and it sucks.


nonmember avatar Angela

Here's my prediction-- the Hawaii scenes are flashback to the honeymoon. We never saw the wedding or honeymoon, and in these pics Don isn't wearing a wedding ring, but Megan is wearing a ring, so maybe they weren't married yet. Maybe they went to Hawaii and got married?

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