Gift Guide: The Philanthropist

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life. Here in Entertainment Buzz, we'll have gift ideas for: the Celeb-Obsessed, the Action Junkie, the Tech Savvy, the Philanthropist, the Escapist, and very soon...Stocking Stuffers.

What will you get the Philanthropist in your life?

The Philanthropist is charity minded and eco-conscious. This person is wonderful to live with but tough to buy for!  Aren't you glad you have me around to help you shop?

Product: An Inconvenient Truth DVD

Cost: $19.99 to $23.99

Where to Buy: Barnes & Noble,

Extras: You can download the educational guide that compliments the film. Climate is the official website for An Inconvenient Truth.

Why I Love It: This documentary validates Al Gore and other "tree huggers" who were green way before it was cool.


Book of Mychal

Photo by: Macmillan

Product: The Book of Mychal

Cost: $27.95

Where to Buy: Macmillan,

Extras: Father Mike saw the potential for good in everybody. He was a hero, but this book also shows us that heroes aren't perfect.

Why I Love It: It recounts the colorful life of a priest for the New York Fire Department, Chaplain Father Mychal Judge. He was killed on September 11th but he continues to inspire.

Planet Earth, BBC

Photo by: Planet Earth/BBC

Product: Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series DVD

Cost: $59.99

Where to Buy: and Barnes & Noble

Extras: BBC's web site for Planet Earth is a great addition to the DVD.

Why I Love It: Planet Earth is an incredible experience to watch. The 11-part BBC series is packed with spectacular images that are so beautiful! Planet Earth will take your breath away.

I'll have ideas for the Action Junkie on your list tomorrow!

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