Teresa Giudice Gets Bashed by Another ‘Housewives’ Star -- Ouch!

teresa giudiceThings are bad for Teresa Giudice. Really bad. It's gotten to the point where not only are members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast commenting on her life, cast members from other Housewives shows are, as well. And yeah, sure, they're probably doing it for publicity, as it's Teresa's world, we're just living in it. But still. This person is not saying very nice things about Teresa. I know. Shocker.

Joanna Krupa of Real Housewives of Still Not Very Good Miami recently told Radar Online: "Teresa Giudice has picked fame over her family and friends. You don’t mess with family. Teresa took it a step way too far hitting below the belt with Melissa and the stripper thing."

Um, truth. But dayum. Whodda thunk? Joanna's a card-carrying member of Team Melissa. Ah, you're right, I guess it's not that hard to believe, as most people side with Melissa over Teresa. But dayum. Whodda thunk Joanna would voice her opinions to the media? Ah, you're right. It's good publicity. All right, I'm out of ideas.

Teresa, listen to Joanna. Let her be your spirit guide. Heed her message (if there is one). Take a step back out of the limelight and reconnect with both your family and your third eye. Do a yoga pose. Drink a kombucha. Eat some jasmine rice. Come up with a mantra. Your family -- and Joanna -- will thank you for it.

What do you think of Joanna's comments? Do you watch RHOM?


Image via Bravo

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Melinda Blackman Counihan

Bravo needs to get a reality check and get Theresa the help she needs instead of looking for ratings

Wendy Willey

Don't knock Joanna for speaking out and saying the truth. 

E Linda Piña

I hope Bravo changes the WHOLE DAM CAST!

Michelle Balducci

tre,isn't the one that started all o this its jac,and caroline

Nancy Cole

I think they all ought to lay off Teresa. Theyve all f*** up but they decided to focus on her so their wasnt noticed!

Dana Hansen Szymanski

they need to discontinue the fake rearded housewives of miami  and stop hatin on teresa. Teresa will not back down!!!!! joanna wouldnt know the truth if it smacked her in the face lol she hears all he said she said. grow up. mind ya dam business. teresa dont need help from anybody!!!!! she has obviously proven that with all her success melinda. i love teresa, thats my girl. i would hang out with her any day of the week before any of the others.

Nancy Cole

I'm there with ya Dana!

Antoinette McCrea

Well considering its Miami Stripper and hookers are welcomed. just saying

Ava Bergeron

Teresa needs' to stop the bull Sh__!What comes around goes around.God does not sleep. She will get her's

Jo-Ann Tuohey

It's obvious that Theresa is hurting and her so called friends and family should try to help her and stop ganging up on  her. Melissa and Kathy just love a Theresa bashing party.  Jacqueline really showed her true colors this year, she is not a nice person! I think she was afraid of being booted from the show for being so boring, so she decided to act like Caroline.

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