Tom Hanks' 'SNL' Cameo Trumps a 'Binders Full of Women' Skit Any Day (VIDEO)


tom hanks snl
Tom Hanks on 'SNL'
Accidental F-bomb dropper, Tom Hanks, made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, where he played a prominent member of politics, a famous celebrity a random guy from Long Island who isn't sure who he's voting for. If you saw the debate on Tuesday, surely you remember the white-haired man in the audience, who asked the final question, mumbling something about a brain trust and Libya. Yeah, that's who Hanks played. And although it's slightly snarky that the focus of the SNL cold open was the residents of Long Island -- and their distinct accents -- as opposed to the candidates themselves, it's pretty damn hilarious. Especially Hanks' cameo. Check it out.


Could you imagine sitting there, watching Saturday Night Live, and all of a sudden seeing that you're the person being spoofed? By Tom Hanks, no less? Sure, the whole thing pokes fun at the guy, but how many people get to say they had Tom Hanks play them? Definitely an eternal bragging right. And definitely something to be expected during election season.

Also, worth noting -- no major "binders full of women" skit, thanks to the Internet. You knew there wouldn't be, as that phrase has now been done-to-death online. Wonder what SNL would have thought of had it not been?

Ah, regardless, funny cold open, funny Tom Hanks. And, man, does Jay Pharoah have Obama's voice down. 

What do you think of the Long Island residents being spoofed?


Image via NBC

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bills... billsfan1104

I dont think it is funny to make fun of citizens of this country that were asked to do something serious.

belon... belongs2Jesus

agree with billsfan. I like SNL but this was not funny

4flow... 4flowers4ever

That is what SNL does. They make fun of people or situations. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Sarah Burgess

So billstan1104 and belongs2jesus above would have us believe that these citizens weren't reciting planted questions and couldn't care less about being at the presidential debate considering they were paid set up in a hotel and fed like kings lol. This skit is hilarious. Just like Obama's economy.

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