Justin Timberlake Breakup Started Britney Spears' Downward Spiral, According to Lawyer

justin and britneyThey were one of pop music's greatest couples: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. Even if you didn't like them individually, you liked them collectively. They seemed perfect together. Young, beautiful, rich, in love. But when the couple broke up -- AKA when Justin broke up with Britney -- things changed. For the better for Justin. For the much, much worse for Britney. According to the Spears' family attorney, Leon Gladstone, who's currently in the midst of a defamation and breach-of-contract case brought on by Britney's ex-manager Sam Lutfi, it was this break-up that was the beginning of the end for the pop star. In an opening statement, Gladstone stated that Spears' break-up with Timberlake left her depressed and angry, and it was the start of a horrible downward spiral that included bizarre shot-gun weddings in Vegas and serious drug-use.

Meanwhile, in other news, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel just got married in a gorgeous, star-studded event in southern Italy. 

It's hard not to compare the two. As I said, at one time, they were at the exact same point in life -- on top of the world -- and they were doing it as a couple. Spears, arguably, was even more famous and revered than Timberlake at the time. But when they broke up, their lives could not have gone in more different directions. Justin broke off from 'N Sync, and became an extremely successful solo act. He started making hilarious appearances on Saturday Night Live. He formed a clothing line. And he shaved those gelled curls from his head, revealing a seriously sexy dude.

But Britney. Oh Britney. She really went down-hill. She got married -- twice. She was in and out of rehab. And she, too, shaved her head; however, there was not a seriously sexy dude underneath. At first, everyone felt bad for her -- especially seeing her downward spiral juxtaposed against Justin's success. But then it started getting scary.

So, now, here we are. Years later. And Britney seems to be doing ... okay. But this trial is going on. This trial brought on by the extremely shady "former manager" of Britney. And it's happening the same time Justin is marrying the extremely gorgeous -- extremely sane -- Jessica Biel.

As the trial goes on, we're finding out things like how, at one point, Britney locked herself in her bathroom with her son Jayden one night, and paramedics and police were called to the house.  And how after police arrived, she was strapped to a gurney for being "belligerent", and taken to the hospital, where she "didn't sleep a wink" for three days. We're learning that the supposed reason Britney shaved her head was because of crystal meth. And now, we're learning -- even though we kind of already knew -- that the break-up with Justin was, indirectly, the start of this all.

Hopefully, for Britney's sake, this trial will be as swift and pain-free as possible. She seems to be in a decent place right now -- there can't be much good that will come from rehashing things. Oh, and, hey -- congrats to Justin and Jessica.

Do you think Justin had something to do with Britney's downward spiral?

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Jesse Lesh

This is so biased! Let's top off trashing Britney by stating Timberlake's happy wedding. It was not the beginning of the end for Britney, but perhaps a much needed look at real emotions and life for her; she had to go through what a lot of young adults go througn and she landed back on top. Her career, and her life, are back together. She is a strong woman, and the days of putting her down? Long over.

kelti... kelticmom

Can we please stop dredging up Britney's past? How would you like it if everytime your name was mentioned, your darkest, lowest moment was brought up as well?

Craft... CraftyJenna

I think her former manager is a shady lieing scumbag, and hopefully this trial will be over soon and people can stop dredging up shit that happened in the past. 

Misty... Misty.Dawn

leave brittney ALOOONNNE! Lol i had to say it :) but seriously, thats all people ever talk about with her...her past. I get though that theres a trial going on right now about it, so obviously her past is going to be brought up more than before. But this story just poked fun at all her dark times. Ive never been a diehard spears or timberlake fan. & they are in the spotlight, so we really cant say we need to stay out of their business, but at some point people do have to just let her be happy. She seems to be doing good, let her keep doing it.

Mommi... MommietoJB

If you ask me Justins wedding to Jessica Biel is just a mean to an ends. It doesnt mean hes over Britney and was never affected by their breakup either, it took him years to propose to Biel.

nonmember avatar megan

He was a jackass. After the break up, he announced on the radio he already took her virginity. It was a big embarrassment for the pop princess who said she believed sex after marriage. She said it before she dated him, but what kind of a guy would do that?

my2cr... my2craigs

I can't believe that CafeMom put such a poorly written article on their website. My 5th grader could have a more coherent article than this with better grammar.  As far as Britney and Justin go, leave them both alone and let them live their lives however it is that they choose.  We should leave their pasts in the past where it belongs so both can move forward. Obviously this is a bit harder for Britney with this trial going on now, but let's still just leave them be.  I can't imagine how difficult it is to just do normal things when the paparazzi follow them everywhere.

Peninah Chepkurui

personally like Spear's,,,,,lets forget her past n stop tormenting her about how her X's weeding ,,,,she a strong woman and she will overcome all those problems,,, and she rebuild her career and soon she will be on stage for NO One IS absolute perfect

Carl Robbins

This article is mostly rubbish, "Britney seems to be doing ... okay" ? this has to be the most ridiculous observation by a gossip columnist ever......Britney is according to Forbes Celebrities , the highest earning individual after Oprah Inc. for 2012. Moreover, Timberlake who seems like a decent person is not worth a quarter of Ms. Spears and he married an actress who we also can find plenty of genuine nude pictures of online.

My point?.......Article merely a deadline piece of garbage............

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