Drew Lachey Bashes Bristol Palin & Just Looks Like a Sore Loser

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dwtsLooks like the ladies aren't the only catty quicksteppers on Dancing With the Stars. Sources told Us Weekly that Drew Lachey is furious that he got the boot before Bristol Palin.

The ex-boy bander -- who won the mirror-ball trophy in season 2 -- was heard freaking out backstage October 9 about how the single mom managed to stay in the competition longer than he did.

He "threw a fit" the insider said. "He was complaining that Bristol has no talent and no reason to be there ... Am I on the right show? I thought this was Dancing With the Stars." He also reportedly called Bristol "a joke."

Ouch! But I can't really blame him for being so bitter. You don't have to be Carrie Ann Inaba to see who has the real talent there. But is it really worth all that vitriol, Drew? Geez! I think he is taking this waayyyyy too seriously. It’s not like an Oscar. Besides, he should know people would rather watch her trainwreck routines anyway.

When Bristol was eliminated a week later, she was far more gracious about the whole thing. "I think I was optimistic about every week. I'd never been in the actual bottom two, so it was hard to process it all, but it is what it is," she said after her October 17 cut. "Good luck to everyone else." Say what you want about Bristol, she certainly isn't a sore loser like her co-star.

Do you think it's unfair Bristol outlasted Drew on DWTS?


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bills... billsfan1104

Funny how you talk about Drew being a sore loser, but most of the time, you bash Bristol and are hateful.

Bloom... Bloomie79

Bristol got f-ed from the start, she's handled the "fame" with grace. Good for her, I hope her family finds peace. She never asked for the attention but she will use it to make a better life for her baby.

Felly... FellyScarlett

Wasn't he famous in the 90's for like 2 seconds?

Ann Sneyd Lettner

Bristol as grown a lot since she stated on dwths. And isn't this for entertaning not the emmeys. She is beautful and sweet and it is great to see someone like her learn and beco me so entertaining. I don't like to see the back stabbing that ruins the show not people like Beistol that aretrying so hard.

Laurie Kuchler

I agree! She should have not been asked to be on in the first place. The first time is was on she was not a good dancer so why ask her back. It made no sense to me.

I agree with DREW!

Laurie Kuchler

The first time she was on the show she was not a GOOD DANCER. It is a DANCE SHOW PEOPLE!

Jerry Mazzola

She is a smacked ass ...he is right she should have NEVER been on in the first place...she is NOT a celebrity no less a star....and by the way she sucked big time....

Cyndi Bryant

Bristol shouldn't have lasted as long as she did EITHER TIME!! Wish my mom could buy votes like that!!

Shera Williamson

Why all the meanness? No matter if a person is a "STAR" or not, they are real people with real feelings. Drew should not have bashed Bristol just because she lasted longer than him. It was the "VOTERS" who kept her there and not him. Bristol has shown great improvement and good sportsmanship throughout both seasons she was on. Everyone who criticizes anyone should look in the mirror and make sure they are perfect first!!!!

Jayne Hawkinson

I feel that people should be voting on the best dancers and not the fame of the person. Bristol is a sweet girl but that doesnt make her a dancer. Mark did his best. Now that man can dance. I wish they would get Bruno and the rest of the judges out to dance

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