'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Kyle King's Vegas Trip Will Be Nothing But Trouble

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maci kyle kingTeen Mom Maci Bookout and her on-again, off-again ex Kyle King -- who last we heard she was completely and forever OVER with -- are headed to VEGAS. As in, Sin City. This weekend! The crazy kids' plans slipped on Twitter (where else?) when one of Kyle's friends posted, "Ready for Vegas wit @risacoleane @MaciBookoutMTV @kyleking100." And then Kyle retweeted it, and this morning, Maci herself reported, "Got my morning cardio in from running through the atl airport with@risacolelane @kyleking100 and @Holman_115 … #vegasbound" So, it is officially, currently ON.

Granted, this doesn't exactly sound like a lovers' rendezvous. More like four friends -- who just happen to include two people who used to be in a serious relationship -- taking a trip to do a little gambling, a little drinking, a little hanging out in a swanky hotel room ... Wait. A. Minute. Let's not be so naive, eh?

Sure, they'll be with their friends, but with four of 'em total, definitely seems more "double date" than "group outing." Furthermore, come on. Exes on a Vegas vacation? It's playing with fire! At the worst, they could get in a terrible fight, opening old wounds. At the very worst, they could hook up, opening old wounds. Because you don't go on a trip, especially not to Las Vegas, with your former SO, when you're single, unless you're planning on hooking up -- at the very least. They may even be "planning" it subconsciously! But it seems crazy to think nothing will go down under those circumstances.

I actually do believe having a platonic relationship with an ex is possible. And in that case, this wouldn't be so bizarre. But we're talking about Kyle and Maci here. Given their track record, hiiiighly doubtin' they can keep things strictly "friendly!"

And, for some reason, I'm not sure I see these two being able to keep "whatever happens in Vegas" in Vegas. A week or so from now, let's see what Kyle and Maci's Twitter feeds have to say about this undoubtedly dramatic trip.

Do you think they're bound to hook up, get back together, or come home hating one another? Would you be able to go to Vegas with an ex (while you were both single) without doing one of the above?

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atmar... atmartin06

They have to be at least considering a hookup or reconciliation.  My ex and I had a nice beach weekend trip together a few months after our breakup.  We had no intention of hanging out as just friends, as we were both lonely and not seeing anyone else.  We're still not back together but a reconciliation isn't off the table.  Sometimes you just have to hang out together and see if there's still a connection.  In our case, there definitely is and it seems like Maci and Kyle have always had a pretty good relationship.  I kinda hope they get back together while Bentley is still young because he seems to adore Kyle and it would be the best plausible scenario for him to have a stable household. 

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