New Kristen Stewart Cheating Rumors Could End Things With Rob for Good

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Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor LautnerOh, man. Just when we thought the cheating scandal that tore them apart was finally blowing over, now there are new rumors saying Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with Taylor Lautner -- among others.

Yes, Taylor Lautner -- as in Jacob. (OMG!) According to a new report in OK! Magazine, Bella was supposedly getting it on with Jacob behind Edward's back -- and she did a pretty darn good job keeping it a secret.

One source said, "Everyone knows about their friendship, but not very many people know how close they really got. Kristen would make excuses to hang out with Taylor when they weren’t filming. She even lied about it to Rob."


Ok, ok -- so I guess the Taylor Lautner rumors aren't entirely impossible to believe. Considering just how closely they've worked together over the past few years since the very first Twilight film, it wouldn't exactly be the shock of the century if they hooked up a time or two.

But apparently Taylor wasn't Kristen's only slip while she was dating Rob. The source adds, "When she worked on Welcome to the Rileys, she had a full-on fling with one of the production assistants. Luckily the guy had a girlfriend, so he was just as paranoid as she was and they kept it pretty well hidden."

Um, what is her deal with married dudes and dudes that already have girlfriends? (I mean, if this is true, of course.)

And if these rumors do turn out to be true -- I don't know how in the hell Kristen will be able to wrangle her way out of things this time around. Cheating with multiple people would prove to Rob once and for all that she can't be trusted, and send him packing again for sure.

Huh. Guess it's a good thing Kristen just bought a new house instead of moving right back in with Rob. At least she has a place to go if these cheating rumors turn out to be true and her relationship with Rob goes right back into the gutter -- this time permanently.

Do you believe these rumors? Did Kristen really cheat with Taylor?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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worki... workingmama86

The way I see it is: Pics or it didn't happen! LOL. I don't believe anything the media says if there isn't physical proof or a confession to go with it! 

puasa... puasaurusrex

Are they the new Brad Pitf and Jennifer Aniston? Are tabloids going to be talking about them in ten years when both of them have moved on?

Autum... Autumnjean26

OK! Magazine isn't very credible in my opinion

Danielle Rhodes-Curtright

Nah, just leave the poor girl alone. This is all just drama to get everyone to go see the new movie.

Anita Szot-Brown

I don't believe these rumors. They are going to keep saying bad things about her to keep getting comments and views on this page. Give it a rest. I hope they can be happy and move on.


nonmember avatar carla goldsmith

First off when she filmed Welcome to the Riley's it was b4 twilight so she wasn't even with Rob...and I don't believe any of it...people need to just leave her alone and get over it.

Nancy Wentworth

????donot know what the think, anymore,. hope  not true,


Joselle Bergeron

Enough already!! Leave them alone you can't believe anything they say !

Shelby Lynn Pettus

dont see Why not,, She s Cheated with everyone Else  why not Jacob,,  she acts to Flirty with him anyway,, Dont Understand why Rob took her back??


ittyb... ittybit8084

I am really beginning to think this channel is nothing but B__L S__t!!!!! Who cares one way or the other. Let them live their live in private. So getting off this site. I believe it when a really magazine like People say something  GIVE THEM A BREAK!!!!!!

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