5 Movies That Have Actual, Real 'Ghosts' in Them (VIDEOS)

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three men and a baby ghost
Ghost? Or Ted Danson cutout?
What's better than turning off the lights; lighting some candles; and watching a scary movie during Halloween? Not much. Except turning off the lights; lighting some candles; and watching a non-scary movie that has actual ghosts in it!

Over the years, there have been a few films that have featured some strange and unintentional "guests" in them -- or things that are just plain weird. Apparitions, voices, signs. They're creepy! And they're the perfect movies to watch during Halloween. Forget The Shining, these flicks are the real deal.

Three Men and a Baby. The classic. But also, arguably, the most terrifying one of all. You know what I'm talking about, right? The scene where there's the supposed "ghost" of a boy who died in the background of a scene? Sure, there are probably plenty of explanations why this image appears, but it's super creepy nonetheless.

The Wizard of Oz. Another popular one. In one scene of The Wizard Oz, someone can be spotted swinging back and forth from a rope -- as in a noose -- in the background. The urban legend behind it is that it's a munchkin who committed suicide.

Aladdin. There's no ghost in this movie per se, but there's a seriously weird "message" that can be heard. If you listen closely, at one point in the film, you can hear the phrase "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" in the background. Scary? Eh, not so much. But definitely odd.


The Poltergeist Deaths. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but after the making of each Poltergeist film, supposedly a child member of the cast died. People have claimed that the untimely deaths have something to do with the films being "cursed."

The Ring. If you look in the background here, you can see a shadow moving around. Ghost or boom operator? You be the judge.

What other movies have "real" ghosts in them?


Image via Castleofspirits/YouTube



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nonmember avatar Slam

Well... these are pretty unnerving. Luckily many of these types of things have been debunked on snopes.com or other various sources. Not sure I believe ALL the stories; some could very well just be cover-ups. Either way, pretty spooky.

Melis... Melissa1508

Okay...the Wizard of Oz does not have a hanging munchkin...it's some kind of bird in the background.  The Ring...I always thought that was Noah in the background, waiting for Rachel to get the little boy.  Now the others...I've got nothing.  haha 

Shandi80 Shandi80

Three Men and a Baby: the director put that life size card board cut out of a boy there and started the haunting story to generate hype for the movie. :P Or so I've heard.

jagam... jagamama0710

What Shandi80 says makes sense and is what I was thinking because you can see it's not there when they first walk past it but is when they go back. As far as I can tell - with my extremely limited movie making knowledge lol - that's all done in one swoop. Doesn't look like they edited and since that room is out of the frame while they're talking to the baby, plenty of time for someone to run back and put it there. 

UgtaB... UgtaBkdnMe

You're very gulible.

Jennifer Lynn Gish-Reed

three men and a baby you can CLEARLY tell its a cardboard cutout.. the wizard of oz it does not look like a munchkin swinging  the ring i couldnt see anything...as far as the poltergeist i think all of the deaths are pure coincidence but jobeth williams has said that many paranormal things did happen on the set often.

CAP1015 CAP1015

This is an example of how crap continues to flow and become "legends"  all of these have been explained/debunked.  Three men and A baby, the cardboard cut-out was thought to be off camera and had been put behind the curtain by a prop guy, they didn't notice it until editing and it was too late to change...........same as all the others.....mostly incorrect reporting.  Poltergeist has even had books written, but after real investigations, nothing to the story..........but as long as a blogger only has to put down a bunch of words, even if they aren't researched or checked, and people read them thinkging "well it got published so it must be true"..........well you can see how at some point in the future you will hear someone say " I know that there was a ghost image on 3 men and a Baby, I read about it on a real story on the internet!"...........................geez.....



missusmc missusmc

Three men and a baby was a cutout. http://www.snopes.com/movies/films/3menbaby.asp

eupeptic eupeptic

NQ GHOSTHUNTER on YouTube has over 100 videos of ghost activity that includes levitation, teleportation, the creation of energy (e.g., a toaster and a microwave running while unplugged), a lot of objects being moved (including a vacuum cleaner), a transparent figure opening doors and walking through the camera, etc.

Before this guy's soul reincarnated he chose to experience these things so that people could become more aware of the existence of the spiritual aspect of life - so everything is as his soul wanted it to be (he's not a victim so try not to be too freaked out by what occurs if you do watch his videos).

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