Jenelle Evans Alleged Sex Tape May Be Released by Ex-Boyfriend Kieffer’s MOM

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jenelle evansIt was just back in August when there were rumors swirling that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans filmed a porno, and now, a few months later, there's speculation that she and ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp have a sex tape that's about to be released. Kieffer's been teasing Jenelle on Twitter, saying that he has video evidence of her doing something, or saying something on camera that she wouldn't want released. Uh oh! Whether it's sex, a sex act, or her ranting about how much she hates Dr. Drew or something, we may never know ... that is, of course, if Kieffer's mom doesn't post it to YouTube like she's threatened.

Ah, what a classy woman. Sounds like she wants whatever damning tape Kieffer has of Jenelle to go public, and even admitted that she has been "advised how to proceed."

Jenelle and Kieffer's half-naked pics are already on the Internet, so it's not out of the realm of possibility to believe that they made a sex tape together.

That said, Kieffer denies he has a "sex tape" but says we'll all find out what he's got up his sleeve when his mom releases it. Jenelle responded that she doesn't know what tape he's talking about and warns us not to be so gullible -- he's probably bluffing.

Welp, looks like only time will tell on this one. Once Kieffer's mom decides to show the world what sort of sordid or not sordid tape she and her son are hiding, we'll all have our answer.

Something tells me, though, that this won't be footage of Jenelle singing a lullaby to her son or arranging flowers or helping a little old lady across the street. Knowing Kieffer, I'm sure it's unflattering, if not reputation-damaging video of Jenelle doing something less than legal.

Ah, young love.

What do you think Kieffer's tape shows?


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nonmember avatar Blanca

This is bullshit!!!! I think that Janelle needs to put her feet down and stand up for herself.She is young and needs to be a better mother and put all the guys to the side and spend more time with her son....

doodl... doodlebut

Sounds like mom is a great role model.

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