I Was a Garbage Collector for a Day. AND I LIKED IT. (VIDEO)

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"I'll Take That Dare" is back, and this time, I'm taking job dares! I started off the season by trying out what has to be one of the toughest jobs out there -- trash collector!

See how I did after the jump! And tell us in the comments if you'd be willing to take on this job.

Yes, this job had its disgusting moments. I mean ... MAGGOTS. Need I say more? And the stench was unbelievably bad.

But there was something oddly therapeutic about this job. Wheeling trashcans to the truck, pulling the lever, and wheeling them back was very satisfying, to be honest. And riding on the back of the truck was every bit as fun as you thought it would be when you were a kid. I'm really not sure why there aren't more female garbage collectors, because we can totally handle it -- and you're done for the day by noon or so. What's not to like? (Besides, uh. MAGGOTS.)

So how do you think I did? Let us know in the comments. And to catch all of my job dares (and I'll tell you right now this was my most challenging season yet), be sure and subscribe to CafeMom Studios!


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Yes!! I love "I'll Take That Dare"! You are hysterical.

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Nothing like someone coming along treating your job like a fun therapy session when they only have to do it for a day.

bills... billsfan1104

You should of done this when it was storming or snowing or hot as shit. You probably wouldn't of liked it.

I don't think i could do it. Kudos to you for trying

jalaz77 jalaz77

You know, the garbage men we have had throughout our lives are really happy. Always curtious, say hi, ALWAYS bring our cans to the house or put them in our garage if the door is open....that's a hard job.

early... earlybird11

Yah I know plenty of sanitation workers. I meet them through my job and they always say they live it. Good hours, great pay and benefits

nonmember avatar Gretta

Besides the ick factor and the bad weather days... It actually seems like an awesome job.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

billsfan, did you watch the video? It WAS storming. Bad. And I worked all the way through it, even when the photographers got back in the van. You can't tell in the video, but at one point, it was POURING, lightning and thundering. This is not an easy job, but like I said it's not bad, either- except for the ick factor! Love the hours, though!

Cafe... Cafe Kristin

I am not sure I could do it. And I just watched your zookeeper video and I DEF could not do any of that. I would not be able to pick up a cockroach even if I would get a million dollars for doing it. Seriously. You rock for trying these things! (Also, Lindsay, do you sleep?! Seems like you could not possibly have time with all you're doing!!)

nonmember avatar Jim

You did it for a day.. You wouldn't like it if you did it everyday for 5 years.

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