Teresa Giudice Debunks Melissa Gorga's Moving Story as a Big, Fat Lie

Teresa GiudiceA lot of insane words strung into even more insane sentences come out of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice's mouth. Most of which I don't believe. But when she started talking about how Melissa Gorga is lying as to why she and her family are moving (the supposed reason is to get away from Teresa), I started actually believing her. I mean, Melissa's story really doesn't add up.

If you saw the RHONJ reunion, you know that Melissa made this teary-eyed speech, talking about how she needed to move to get her children away from Teresa's children. And if you didn't, now you know. But, as Teresa pointed out pointed out to the website, All About the Real Housewives, that'sss ... probably a lie. Teresa said: "I do think it’s sad that Melissa is using my children and me as an excuse as to why she’s moving. Our children won’t even be going to the same school with each other until 6th grade so that’s five years that she has that she can still live in the house if that really is the issue. My brother has made a studio for her and is even making a pool yet they are moving out of this 'dream home' because of me and my children? If that were really the case, she would go on another show and wouldn’t be on the same show with me."

Hmm ... I hate to say it, but Teresa does have a point. Why would Melissa move now? And if "getting away" from Teresa is really the issue, wouldn't she leave Housewives, as well?

I definitely side more with Melissa in the never-ending Gorga-Giudice feud, and for the most part, I think Teresa's pretty much lost it. But in this case, she's got a point. Melissa's story just isn't matching up.

Do you think Melissa is really moving to get away from Teresa?


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Liz Carter

Think Melissa is lying!

Vivian Cardenas

Nope, Teresa and Joe's business are all out there for everybody to see but Melissa and Joe and Jac and Chriss are hiding their financial mess and denying they are broke. I think they are moving because they can't afford the house. Sad, by the way, Melissa didn't cry when she said they were moving because of Teresa's girls, she tried and tried but the tears wouldn't come out. She is not that good at acting yet. The "you are not the victim, i'm the victim " was close to good acting but that is it.


Lauren Peachez Jeffress

I don't think Melissa is lying at all. The Gorga and Giudice only live a mile away. There kids are in the same school now. They both have said so on different talk show and there own show. Why would Melissa leave a show that is helping her career and the ladies on the show love her. Teresa is the one who is using the show to help her career, so why shouldn't everyone else. Just some things to think about. 

Elena Torres

Why does it matter!! If she wants to move her family, it is no one else's concern but theirs. Hell, I wouldn't want to be in the same town as that crazy cow!!! Sometimes, you have to do what is good for the family.  

Tracy Alexion

I would! I wouldn't want to live next to CRAZY either. Besides, so far Melissa hasn't lie on the show....Teresa doesn't know how to tell the truth, so with that track record, I'd believe Melissa.

Maxir... Maxiroo224

If I were Melissa I would get as far away from Teresa and her idio children.    I normally don't make such harsh remarks about other people's children, but in this case, Teresa and her idiot husband have no clue on raising children to be well rounded people.  When your child says Melissa lip synks or someone is stupid.  Have you ever put soap in your kids mouth or swatted them on their butt..  Teresa says she disciplined her kids off camera how about on camera so the world can see what you really did.  Teresa is a money hungry bitch and all she wants is fame.  I honestly wish Bravo would get rid of her.  She is a terrible role model for women and as a parent.  Wake up Bravo and Andy get rid of her.shouting

Tina Bruno

I think if you watch the Reunion part 3, you will see the Gorga's true colors.  I think Melissa is a bitch, and Joe is even worst for not even listening to what was said on camera, or bothering to try off camera!  I think Theresa is a little loopy, but towards the end of that whole reunion, I felt bad for her, like everyone was pointing fingers at her when the actual truth came out - they still blamed her!!! Melissa is an opportunist and has deff caused some of the problems if not all in that whole feud!

Cheryl Ehrhart

This is not an election, they don't need to show anyone what their finances are.  Get over that idea.  She can't stand Teresa and she's moving, case closed.  Teresa children are totally undisciplined and brats, we have all seen that.  Their father tells them to "shut up", I would slap the crap out of anyone who talks like he does to those children, including their father.  This family is classless, obnoxious, and painful to watch.  Ya can't fix stupid.  If I were Melissa I'd move to another state.

Betty Jean Keitz

      Wait a minute,Teresa's finances are everyone's business but Melissa's are her business.That makes no sense.Here's something to think about,Joe said he's selling the house his parents live in also.Even though Kim said that Teresa didn't set Melissa up,NO ONE said they were sorry for accusing her.


Sharon Mock

I wouldn't believe anything Melissa said if her tongue was notarized. She had  a whole list of excuses for moving prior to this latest one.She has been caught in so many lies, yet she continues to use Teresa for an excuse for everything wrong in her life. Her kids do not attend the same school, they have said that time and again. Their power was shut off, if they can't pay their power bill, maybe just maybe they can't afford payments on that  mansion of theirs either.

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