Fired Jill Zarin’s Plea to Get Back on ‘RHONY’ Totally Failed (VIDEO)

jill zarinWatching Real Housewives of New York former cast member Jill Zarin sit down with Andy Cohen was perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the Housewife franchise since Sonja (with a sexy J) Morgan's "toaster oven" and the fact that Joe Gorga was, in fact, a stripper. Jill went on Watch What Happens Live to essentially confront Andy about her firing, and boy, if you thought Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had the most crucial debate this week, you are sorely mistaken.

I cannot believe what Jill had to say.

I take that back. Yes, yes I can believe what Jill had to say. She's the same self-aggrandizing narcissist she was on the series. Nothing's changed. Not one thing. She's still bitter as shit, she's still blaming other people for her problems, and she still thinks that the world, and the show, revolves around her, even though she's no longer on the show, and no one really cares about what she's been up to.

Jill, however, would beg to differ. She spent 20 minutes telling Andy how much the fans miss her. How we boycotted this season because she wasn't on it. How the ratings of RHONY have suffered without her. (Not true.) How Heather Thompson was cast as the new Jill Zarin, but without, as Jill sees it, a good enough family life. How she orchestrated fights with Bethenny to make "good TV", only to be disappointed when Andy sided with her much saner best friend. How her life is so interesting now, you guys, that she, as a 45-year-old-plus woman, still gets into screaming matches at parties, even when there are no cameras around. How her dog, Ginger, didn't get enough of Andy's attention.

And I feel like that was only half of it.

Her appearance of WWHL backfired so hard that I'm not entirely positive it didn't cause the earthquake in the Northeast. Jill went on there to get her job back, I suppose, but managed to prove to everyone just how much she deserved to be fired. She's not fun to watch. In fact she's so ego-centric that it makes your skin crawl. I have more Twitter followers than all the New York Housewives combined! I'm important!

And then, when Andy asked her if she paid for those followers, she replied, "Are you kidding me??"

Nope, not kidding.

Oh! And oh my goodness. Did you catch that part where she looked into the camera to speak to us, "her fans", like she was fucking Evita or something? Don't cry for us, Jill, because the truth is that we don't miss you. Not one bit. She's beyond delusional.

Do you miss Jill on The Real Housewives of New York?


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nonmember avatar Natalie

I hope Jill will watch this show and realize how self-involved she sounded. I can't believe she staged the fight with Bethenny. She was so shocked that it backfired!! I hope she uses this time to become a real person and admits her mistakes.

Tracy Harrower Ellis Fallon

Jill is a "celebrity wanna be". NO she should not be given anymore "air time".

Carol Opie

Jill, get a life.  You sounded like a spoiled teen aged girl who is jealous.  She is so full of herself and just trying to push more of herself on all of us.  I really can't believe Andy gave her the time of day on Bravo.  It's the same old thing, "if they only understood..."  We do understand Jill-we just odn't want any ore of you, getit??  thank you Andy for saying that the fans wanted no more of this woman.  She and Kelly can just go scratch....LOL

Joanne Hester

I miss Jill too. I do not think Bethany is any saner than Jill. I watched Her show.

Annette Brancato Attanasio

I Liked Jill on the Show. I wish She would not have gone on Bravo to make a fool out of herself. Something else will come along. Until then Move on. If anyone should have been fired it should have been Ramona. What a Ding Bat.....and Pino..whatever LUSH!!! Disgusting!!!! Hang in there Jill....

Evelyn Kiefer

I am glad Jill is no longer on the show.  She thought she was the star over everyone else.  I miss Alex though.  I have had my fill of Ramona.  She is certainly delusional and also self centered as is Sonja.   Both have daughters and don't act like very good role models for them.  I really liked Heather.  She was a breath of fresh air.  Dump Aviva.....Talk about self absorbed!!!  And have her take her pervert father with her.

Tegan Natale

I like Jill, As I remember Jill was actually nice to Alexis and Romona hated her and was mean, then Alexis formed this strange relationship with Romona you could tell Ramona was just using her to get at Jill.

nonmember avatar E silk

Jill is so Narcastic and Bravo would be making a huge mistake if brought her back Can not stand to hear her

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