'DWTS' Results Recap: Shawn Johnson Isn't Fooling Anyone (VIDEO)

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Wow -- did the Dancing With the Stars results show seem just a little bit rushed to anyone else tonight? I mean, each week I usually question why they feel the need to stretch things out over two hours, but this one hour show was over before we could blink. (Damn politicians.)

And while it's really no big shock that Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley, and Apolo Ohno found themselves in jeopardy tonight after the judges scores and viewer votes were tallied -- it's pretty clear that one lady is performing in a different league than the rest of the All-Star cast members. Yes, I'm talking about Shawn Johnson -- and even she realizes just how good she is even though she tries to play it cool.

Sure -- she's cute and bubbly and super sweet and all that yummy stuff, but there's absolutely no way Shawn is as innocent as she seems. As gracious as she tries to be to the other contestants -- she KNOWS she's winning.

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If you need further convincing that Shawn has this entire competition in the bag, check out this video clip of her Mambo performance from last night.

(Believe me now? Yeah -- she's damn good.)

She does her best to cover up her competitive side by saying things like, "That was so much fun! Let's do it again!" Heck, she even went so far as to hug Apolo and Karina back stage and tell them how great they did just minutes after America saw them totally flub their hip hop performance. (Karina wept, for crying out loud.)

Shawn is most definitely in this thing to win it -- and it will be pretty wild if she doesn't wind up in the finals.

But even though this is an All-Star cast and (mostly) everyone is insanely talented, somebody had to go home this week.

And thank GAWWWDDD, Bristol Palin was the one to get the boot. She's a nice gal, but she simply wasn't anywhere near as good as the other cast members.

Were you upset to see Bristol go? And do you think Shawn will win the competition?


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Lois Troutman

I felt very bad for Karina. My sister and I thought she had to be hurt. Whether she was or not, she said not. But she had every reason to weep. Heck I would have if that happened to me as a pro. I am very relieved they got through to next week because I love Apolo so much.

Beth Kielt Mueller

Soooooooooooooo glad that Bristol left. She should have been gone the first week.....even when it was her season, I could not believe that she lasted into the finals. She cannot dance and never smiles....So long Bristol...your stay was once again WAY TOO LONG!!

Virginia Atkinson

Could care less who wins, its more like a stupid popularity contest more than a dance contest, Emmit ought to leave he doesn't even belong in this competition.

Bonny Irish Borders

Don't believe that is how it works...that Shawn should stand up and announce that she is winning this...she is working hard and so are they all...Anything can happen to any of the teams...Shawn is a winner...they all are.  I am from Iowa so would be happy to see Shawn win it....but I too loved Apolo the first time.  I feel that Kristie is an entertainer but not on a dance floor....Bristol I could take it or leave it but I love Mark!   May the best team win...vote for your choice!


Pinst... Pinstripes4

It could be possible that the hug to Karina was a genuine one because she was in tears and Shawn wanted to make her feel better like everyone else. Just sayin'. Too much cynicism is bad for the soul.

Rosalie McGough

I don't think viewers are being fair to Bristol.  They are judging her mother...not her.  I don't think most people who watch this show really understand they are supposed to be voting for the person they think is best, not the best football player, not the best gymnast, actor, but the best (non-professional) dancer.  I boycotted this show twice before because of the viewers voting.  It may not matter if one or two of us stop viewing, but I think the others are just not talking about it but are just as annoyed as I am.

Wendy Hanson

Yikes, my ears are still bleeding from that Donny Osmond/ Susan Boyle thing!

Delcia Couillard Kaleta

I won't be happy until Kirstie gets out of there..so fake....I do feel bad for Karina..both her & Apollo are a great team. Shawn is definetely very good & very real

nonmember avatar Peter

Sexy! Did anyone notice that Shawn is very sexy?

Linda End Bsl Anderson

Shawn is not a professional dancer.  Giles is not a professional dancer.  Emmitt is not a professional dancer.  Melissa is not a professional dancer.  Sabrina had never danced ballroom.   People are judging Bristol on her dancing, not her mother.  Bristol is not and never has been a very good dancer, and she refuses to do anything that takes real effort or is hard.  THAT is why people do not like her on the show.  Bristol is NOT a star of any sort and should never have been on there in the first place.  I am so glad she is finally off the show.


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