'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell's Fiance Tyler Baltierra Moves Out

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catelynn tylerMTV Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell may be less than a year away from tying the knot with longtime love Tyler Baltierra, but apparently, he's picked up and moved into a new apartment in New Orleans ... Just yesterday, he tweeted, "I found the perfect apartment in the warehouse art district in mid city New Orleans! Can't wait to begin this journey! @WalkerHines #excited." What's that all about?!

Well, back in June, Catelynn told us exclusively that "Tyler wants to get into acting." She said, "We are going to New Orleans this summer for Tyler to act. He feels like he should go and succeed in it." And as it turns out, @WalkerHines is CEO of Will Walker Enterprises -- a talent management company! BINGO!

So, actually, I'd venture to guess the couple's stronger than ever!

Although Tyler didn't speak specifically about Catelynn being with him, it sounds like they were definitely on the same page about this move a few months back. I wouldn't be surprised if she was with him, and if she was, good for her!

It's funny -- this story actually reminded me of the recent Glee plotline involving Will Schuester and his fiancee Emma Pillsbury. When Will scored a sweet gig on the Blue Ribbon panel that would require him spending some time in D.C., he asked Emma to take a sabbatical from her job to join him, and she flipped! She made it like he expected her to be a little puppy and drop everything for her man. Ugh, it was so annoying!

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Don't get me wrong. I am as feminist as they come, but I still believe you have to give and take in relationships. And sometimes, that means making sacrifices for the greater good of your partnership. Maybe that means staying put while your mate goes off to chase his dream, or maybe it means he has to pick up and leave his job behind to help you chase yours. Maybe you end up leaving a city you love because he got a promotion, or your guy has to live in an area he's not too crazy about because it's commuting distance to your awesome job. You know the drill.

Who knows what'll happen with Will and Emma, but in real life, it looks like Tyler and Catelynn have got the whole partnership thing down pat. No doubts about it -- supporting one another's dreams is just another sign they're definitely ready to wed! 

What's a sacrifice you made for your partner or vice-versa?


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Tammy Richardson

I wish these people would get the full story BEFORE they try to start stuff!!


Judy Thompson

I'm lucky enough to have a man that supports me while I chase my dream. He has moved our family across the country twice in three years for me :)

t0vanal t0vanal

At the age of 27 I let my husband sign a 6 year contact for the Navy.  3 years in I hate it but I don't regret it.  It has allowed him to live a dream that wouldn't have happened once we had kids, so it was pretty much  his last opportunity.  But will I let him resign- No Way!  haha.  

candy... candyw210

t0vanal why would you not " let him" re-sign. Do you know the extent of the benefits if he continues and retires in the military. You may "hate " him being in the military but since when is it your career?If he loves being in then you should not stop him. If you had a problem with it prior then why would you be behind him. If he loves it and you tell him he can't re-enlist he may resent you. Sure it's not the ideal thing for some families because the other may be gone for a while; but it's kind of crappy to be behind him and then say " well i don't like it so you can't re-enlist" hopefully for his sake if he has a back bone he will tell you too bad this is my career. The military is one of the best things to make a career out of. As for Caitlynn and Tyler I love them! And i am sure she is with him in his new apt. and wish them all the happiness. She seems like someone who stands by him no matter what he wants to do and same for him and thats what will make them last. Sometimes it's about sacrafice

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