Emily Maynard & Jef Holm Split Up: It's Official


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Jef Holm: Officially single
Well it's official! Jef Holm and Emily Maynard have broken up. We still haven't gotten a statement from either, but Jef Holm just changed his Facebook status from "engaged" to "single," and that's good enough for us. It's finally happened.

We saw it coming. We heard the break-up rumors. We saw the Twitter profile pic changes. And still, we held out hope for these two -- at least I did. I really wanted Emily and Jef to make it! They seemed so well suited to each other. They're so freakin' cute. I'm still recovering from the Amy Poehler and Will Arnett split. You know millions of fans out there are saddened by this news. But you know what? Jef and Emily can't stay together just for their fans. They have to do what's right for themselves. SIGH. Now the speculation over what caused the break-up will start.

I think it was the recent scrutiny. Emily was probably used to it, but I think it really caught Jef off-guard, especially since his family was targeted. Maybe they had very different ways of handling it?

Or maybe it wasn't that at all -- maybe Emily really was sexting Oakland Raiders player Matt Leinart. She just couldn't commit -- and Jef just couldn't trust her. Is Emily the kind of person who always needs a backup plan? Someone waiting in the wings in case Plan A (Man A!) doesn't work out?

We'll probably hear from both of them in the next few weeks, although I get the feeling we'll probably hear more from Emily than Jef. I bet Jef would love nothing more than to fade way from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, guess who must be rubbing his hands together with glee? Em's former fiance Chris Bukowski. Hollywood Life asked him what he thought of the break-up rumors, and he said, "I won't believe anything until I hear it out of their mouths. Until they come public [about a break-up]. I'm cheering for them. I hope it works out." Well that's so downright gentlemanly of him! But then he added, "I'm still super single." Look out, Emily!

Why do you think Emily and Jef broke up?


Image via Jef Holm/Facebook

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MrsCh... MrsChurch

Bummer :(. I was pulling for them.  And Chris Bukowski was never Emily's fiance.

riadolph riadolph

WHO CARES??? Aren't there more important things going on in the world than some stupid "reality" couple breaking up?

Heidi Adele Macfarlan Johnson

I know it's stupid but I'm sad.  I really wanted this union to be one of the few that worked...  : (

nonmember avatar grammadee

Gee, ANOTHER Bachelorette couple breaks up!!!! WHAT A SURPRISE!! -- NOT!!!

super... supercarp

Everybody is so selfish, it seems. I'm surprised anybody stays together anymore. Even the ones that do, some of them seem to be really unhappy.

Joy Ennis Brown

There was absolutely no way Emily and Jef's conservative family were ever going to mesh.  I knew that the instant they introduced him and said he lived in Salt Lake, conservative capital!   I don't believe either were sincere for a minute and they both used the opportunity for publicity.

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