'DWTS' Recap: Kelly Monaco HAS to Be Hiding Something

Kelly MonacoDancing With the Stars was a blast tonight. This season is all about burning the dance floor, and by this we mean holy amazing dancing! The all-star season is doing more than living up to its name. It's by far the best season ever. And this episode was the best so far.

We had Gilles Marini dancing Bollywood (HOT!) and Melissa Rycroft dancing Jitterbug. We had Emmitt Smith dancing Bolero, Shawn Johnson dancing the Mambo, and Sabrina Bryan dancing Disco.

It was hot, steamy, funny, and hilarious. There is SO much talent on the floor this season. But there is also some fat that can be trimmed. In other words? This should be Bristol's last show.

The thing about Bristol is she is popular. Hell, I loved to hate her on her season and so did everyone else. The fact is, in this kind of show, there is a thin line between love and hate. Bristol is popular because a lot of people hate her and those who love her do so with their dialing fingers moving.

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Still, enough is enough. She was cute and funny in the beginning and on her season, but come on. She has run her course. No one could possibly say she deserves to be on the same floor as Shawn Johnson or Gilles Marini.

Even if I loved Bristol, I would be able to see that she is just amateur hour. Everyone else is better. Or more entertaining. Or more professional. She needs to go.

Besides, the sooner she goes, the quicker we will see the truth about Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy. Tonight, she broke her toe and it quickly became obvious that these two are so, so much more than friends.

Their contemporary dance was hot and sexy and awesome, but their little romance? That's hotter. Is it real? Only time will tell.

Do you think Bristol needs to go home? Do you think Kelly is with Val for real?


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Pinst... Pinstripes4

No mention of Karina and Apolo's dance? Tuttut. I just about died as I watched when she slipped and his microphone pack thing fell and started randomly dangling and swinging before being pulled out completely mid-dance. Karina was in tears at the end because she thought she failed Apolo. It felt terrible for them and I hope Apolo isn't eliminated for this.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Kelly's boyfriend is in the front row every episode, sitting next to Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis for you GH fans) Sexual chemistry is important in some of these dances, and she is an actress. It's possible there's something more, but I sort of hope not. If there is, I hope they don't consummate it until after the finale, because it will KILL the sexual tension, which is AMAZING! Bristol and Kirstie have done their best and Bristol has improved quite a bit. But, really, they are just in a different league, and in fairness, they really should be the next 2 to go. Even though Apolo and Karina have no business doing hip-hop, one dance should not send him home until Bristol and Kirstie are gone. After that, it's anyone's game!

berge... bergencounty

I think since KELLY broke her toe she was in pain. Was funny watching VALENTIN‘S  brother keeping an eye on his girlfriend as she danced w/GILLES though.

nonmember avatar John

I think it is time for Kirstie to get booted. She thinks she is hot, but that flame died years ago.

Debbie Rogers Hale

I hope Apallo gets to stay too. Bristol and Kirstie should have been 2nd and 3rd to go. Once they're gone it's anybody's ballgame.

lovin... lovinallofthem

yes, Bristol should go,,, but she wont, and sadly for her, her "FANS" will keep her there only to further humiliate herself in front of thousands.. that cant be good for your ego...  Kelly .. not sure i saw what you did... so.. no comment.

Suzy Reed

Yes, it is indeed time for Bristol to go home. She is is out of her league with these awesome, amazing stars dancing their hearts out and pushing their limits, while she continues to "play it safe!" No offense, but she is just not as talented as that they are when it comes to dancing!!

nonmember avatar Rhonda

I was so upset to see Helio go home. I know he made a mistake by stepping on her dress, but come on! I really think Palin & Alley should have already been gone! I love Sabrina.... But I am TEAM KELLY ALL THE WAY!! Great article btw!!

Michele Lopez

I love Shawn, so I hope she makes it again (all the way)!  Derek is great too.

nonmember avatar cara

If you found out what Kelly is really hiding your heart would break!

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