‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Sneak Peek at Insanely Violent ‘Red Wedding’ Scene (VIDEO)

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Game of Thrones It's going to be hard to discuss the latest news regarding Game of Thrones season 3 without spoiling the crap out of A Storm of Swords for you. Let's just say that one of the biggest, most shocking scenes from the third book is officially being filmed. And fans are stoked! This is the scene for which the show's producers asked for amputees to take part in the big battle. Needless to say, it's probably going to be as gruesome, bloody, violent, and freakin' CRAY as it is in the book!

Since the third book will be split up into two seasons, most fans assumed that this will be the climax for the end of the third season. We can discuss it more thoroughly after the jump, after I give you a fair warning that there are MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD. You don't want to ruin this one for yourselves, trust me. The twist is big enough that George R. R. Martin himself said he may as well flee the country after it airs!

Well, let's get to it: Seems that The New York Post is reporting that the filming of the Red Wedding scene is officially underway. As Martin told MTV: "Judging by the reaction that Ned's death got when the television audience saw that, I think I'm going to go to some part of the world where they have no television when a certain episode airs, and I'll hide out and they won't find me at all," he said. "I'll have to hide from the Internet storm as well."

Damn straight, George. Here's a little background: Catelyn Stark's brother, Edmure Tully, was going to marry a daughter of Lord Frey. Robb, Catelyn's son, betrayed the initial alliance by marrying another woman even though he was arranged to marry a Frey. This new union was a compromise. But Lord Frey couldn't get over it: He had soldiers at the wedding feast disguised as musicians. Then, during the attack, they created special tents that collapsed and were then set on fire. I can absolutely see HBO drooling with anticipation over showing this chaotic, gory violence.

During the attack, Catelyn Stark and her son Robb and Robb's entire army and direwolf were all killed. These characters are so beloved, especially Catelyn, and when her husband was brutally executed, we cheered for her to get justice and reunite with her daughters. Sadly, that never happens, as Catelyn's throat is sliced while Robb is killed and then his head is sawed off and his direwolf's is sewn on in its place (I can't even imagine how/if they're going to film that!).

So needless to say, the fact that this game-changing scene will most likely culminate season 3 should make fans that much more excited. I would have been surprised if they held this scene for season 4, but I'm glad it's officially settled that we'll see it in 2013. It could be one of the best scenes of this show, of television, ever.

Here's a video of some spoilers for season 3:

Are you excited to see HBO's take of the Red Wedding? Think George R. R. Martin will have to flee after it airs?


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ellex... ellexxmarie

"Catelyn Stark's brother was to marry a daughter of Lord Frey. Robb betrayed the initial alliance by marrying another woman even though he was arranged to marry a Frey."

Correction:: Catelyn Stark's SON was to marry a daughter of Lord Frey's.

nonmember avatar Josh

Actually, they both were. This wedding is for her brother, as Robb is already married.

nonmember avatar ldkvr

The scene I was most looking forward to was where Arya butchers the Tickler with her own hands! Man, that's gonna be... Oh, wait. I forgot. They through that whole scene under a truck last season. -nerdrage-

myraonny myraonny

@ellexxmarie. The article says that the marriage of edmund tully is a compromise to robb betraying the initial alliance. That is in fact correct.

nonmember avatar Chuck Finley

I can only imagine how relieved/surprised some people are going to be in Season 4 when we meet Lady Stoneheart! Don't look her up unless you want another big spoiler!

nonmember avatar flyboy

The idea of "spoilers", or guessing what's going to happen in season 3 is fairly ridiculous when it comes to this show.

Although the series changes some things around, everything that's happened, or is going to happen, is in the books... the only spoilers are for people who are too lazy to read them.

nonmember avatar pepe stark

Correction. Robb's "entire army gets killed" comment. This is simply not true. King Robb's escort was 3,500 men at arms and knights going from Riverrun to the Twins( God I hate the Freys). His army was split among many parts and many of the soldiers were tending their lands. During the RW a large part of the 3,500 that escorted him was caught by surprise and killed, wounded or yielded. Most just switched sides as it is always the case. What would be the point of fighting to the last men. Also technically Roose Bolton's men were part of this 3,500 (800 men). So if you read the books you'll see. There's also debate about Grey Wind's fate. Remember people lie in westeros/essos. Yes lady stone heart will be the biggest twist. Too bad that's on book 4. Also too bad we'll likely have to wait for season 4 to finally see the Lannisters reeeeeally pay and suffer. Do not despair. Justice does exist in weste ros/essos although it is grrm's style.

nonmember avatar Draugr

You better believe they'll show Robb and Grey Wind together as one! I just wonder if they'll show Catelyn imagining the ravens attaching her as she claws her own face to shreds.

Seven save us!

nonmember avatar darkwolf423

GRRM's remarks are comforting. I was scared he was going to mess with this plot twist which is one of the best. But if he's thinking of running for cover, then it hopefully is like the books! My hubby's going to be floored when he sees that episode!

Wendy Eveland

I've read the first 4 books and am half way through the fifth. When I read the Red Wedding part of the story I was angry that they wiped out so many characters that I was rooting for. It was a plot twist I was not expecting, However as the books move along I saw the way it fit in. Still not happy with it but oh well, it is what it is.

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