'Glee' Star Dianna Agron Could Score Starring Role in '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

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quinn fabray on gleeGlee fans haven't seen Dianna Agron -- aka Quinn Fabray -- since last season's finale. But just because the stunning blonde actress has been out of sight definitely doesn't mean she's been out of mind. Not only is Dianna rumored to make a return appearance to the show later this year (guess Quinn will hop a train from Yale to Manhattan?), but now there's buzz that she may be up for an even more mature role ... the part of Kate Kavanagh in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Okay, okay, so E.L. James' lips are sealed and the production heads have only just hired a screenwriter. Still, that doesn't mean there can't be at least a shred of truth to the rumor that Dianna's name is being thrown around! After all, she'd be a pretty darn good fit, right?

Not only because she's done a helluva job portraying an opinionated, sassy, and super-smart blonde on Glee. But Dianna's clearly interested in -- and capable of -- moving from Glee into more mature work. She just wrapped the 2013 mafia drama Malavita, which stars Tommy Lee Jones, Robert De Niro, and Michelle Pfeiffer, so depending on how that does, I wouldn't be surprised if producers took note and called her in to read for the role of the razor-sharp aspiring journalist/Anastasia Steele's roommate.

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It sure as hell would be a coup! Could set her up for a major career evolution! Then again, I'm sure that there are many young, talented actresses just like Dianna who are vying for that same opportunity. The list of actresses who have already had the chance to prove they've got dramatic acting chops to take on the part is even longer. And I wouldn't be surprised if the real front-runner right now is Blake Lively. (Something about her just SCREAMS Kate Kavanagh to me.)

Still, Dianna's certainly not a long shot. Let's hope they give her a chance, as more grown-up Gleeks like me would be thrilled to see her in the part.

Would you like to see Dianna Agron cast as Kate Kavanagh?


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Tami Creech

nooooooooooooooooo doesn't fit profile.

Karla Arzaba

I see Ally Michalka as Kate!

Stacey Diehl

Absolutely! She was my first choice (a tad on the short-ish side, though) and I'd be thrilled if she were at least seriously considered. This is the only rumor I've heard around FSOG yet that pleases me. Bottom line, though, if Jessie Pavelka isn't cast as Christian, I'm out.

Helene Rivest

I liked her in I'm number four... Definitely a possibility for Kate, but not Ana!

Madelaine Cooper

Hunter Parrish from "Weeds" (Silas)would be perfect!

Candy... CandyWolf

omg! I never thought aout Hunter Parrish as Christian but I see it! He could totally do it!

As for Dianna as Ana I am not sold on the idea. That's almost as crazy as Lucy Hale. Are the really ready for such a grown up role after playing teen queens for so long?

Madelaine Cooper

 Hunter Parrish was actually whipping "in Fun" his girlfriend in an episode of "Weeds" lol

nonmember avatar BeaDor

Blake Lively is Kate. There's a reason why the majority of the people see her as Kate. She's Kate in the flesh! Dianna could have a minor role in the film though. I don't remember, it's been a while, but Ana has an assistant at SIP. Maybe Dianna can be the assistant? There's also Claire from SIP, the receptionist.

lmile2 lmile2

she has done great job in this film and will be going in rock way.

seo company

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