Lindsay Lohan's Barbara Walters Interview: The 10 Questions We Can’t Wait to Hear

I have some great news, everybody! One of the biggest mysteries of our universe could be answered very soon. No, it's not How did we get here? Or What purpose do we serve? Or even Is there a God? But it's close, my friends. We might finally get to the bottom of that eternal riddle What in Tarnation Is Wrong With Lindsay Lohan? This is because TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan will soon be sitting down with Baba Wawa Barbara Walters for an interview

Reportedly Linds is "hesitant" about doing interviews because she fears some of the questions she might get. Hmmm? Why would that be? But she's decided that she trusts Barbara "not to take things too far." Plus, she's got that Lifetime movie Liz & Dick to promote 'n' all that.

Babs has been doing this interview thing for awhile now, but just in case she's stumped for questions, here are 10 of the hard questions Barbara needs to ask LiLo. So we can all finally sleep at night!



- What happened?

- What's going on with your lips?

- If you had to commit either your mother or father to a mental institution, which one would it be? Yes, you can only pick one.

- If you had to spend the night in jail, in the hospital, or with your mom, which one would you choose?

- Have you called 911 today?

- Are you drinking again? Ha ha. JK! We know the answer to that one.

- Have you ever watched Mean Girls and thought, Damn, what happened to me?

- Driving. You. Why?

- If you could be a nightclub, what nightclub would you be?

- Who's winning: You or Amanda Bynes?

What questions do you think Barbara should ask Lindsay?


Image via mimosveta/Flickr

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