'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Mother & the Man With White Hair Were WHAT?!? (VIDEO)


revengeEmily's mother and the White Haired Man ... were they -- ??? Okay, in the middle of the rest of the madness in this episode, we find out that the White Haired Man was staying at a motel owned by none other than Emily's mother -- she's still alive! And when Emily's handsome young mystery man from her Takeda past, Aiden, shows up at the motel looking for the White Haired Man, Emily's mother looks nervous and makes a phone call immediately after. 

Later Emily opens the pocket watch she found on the White Haired Man and there's a photo of her mother. Were they lovers? But they're on opposite sides! Or are they?

Well we don't get to find out in this episode. Last week after Aiden and Emily saw the end of the White Haired Man, Emily kept his phone, hoping it would lead to her mother. Aiden seemed to think that was going against the mission and tried to take it from her -- so naturally Emily knocks him out and dumps him in a dumpster. That's what they call flair!

We find out a little more about Aiden: He and Emily were lovers (another secret couple) in training with Mr. Takeda when he left early to look for his sister who was in some sort of trouble. Emily was supposed to go with him, but at the last minute he left without her. That's why Emily doesn't trust him. Also, apparently he failed in his mission to rescue his sister.

But meanwhile we find out that the White Haired Man made a deal with Victoria while she was on that plane: Help him kill off Conrad and split Charlotte's inheritance with him -- or die in an airplane explosion. She took the deal, of course.

The Grayson family is on pins and needles, with alliances forming and fraying every minute. But it all blows up: Through Emily's manipulations, everyone finds out everything. Charlotte is David's daughter. Victoria faked her kidnapping. All of it. Or ... most of it, anyway. There's a big family fight seconds before Victoria is supposed to do some big post-kidnapping press event. Even Amanda is there!

And then -- amazingly -- they all pull an Oscar-deserving act of family unity as Victoria walks up to that press podium and reveals that her daughter is the result of an affair, and then pulls the whole fam damily up to the podium with her -- even Amanda, who she reveals is also her former lover's daughter and carrying a baby (as if it isn't obvious). And she pulls Amanda close so she can give her a veiled warning because she's kind and warm that way. Amandaaaa! RUUUUNNNN!!!!

Thanks to Emily's coaching, Daniel is going to just play along with this charade and pretend he forgives his mother. But Conrad is pushing it even further -- he tells the press he and Victoria are getting remarried, honeymoon in Tuscany, and the whole shebang. Because ...

Okay, here's where I get kind of lost in the who-is-threatening-who-with-what. But apparently the organization behind the whole David Clark thing, the organization who employed the White Haired Man to do whatever he's been up to, is called: The Initiative. And they're not done with the Graysons.

Which makes me wonder -- are the Graysons and Emily just pawns in an epic battle between The Initiative and Mr. Takeda?

Crazy theory number two: Nolan tells Emily that finding her mother would be thanks enough for everything he's done for her. Why? Is she Nolan's mom, too? Are they siblings? Holy Luke and Leia! I'm off my rocker, right?

One last thing -- I actually felt sorry for Amanda when Jack broke up with her. With Emily manipulating her, the Graysons closing in, that poor woman is on her own! And she seems so vulnerable especially now, so close to delivery. 

Do you think Emily and Aiden will eventually get back together?


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nonmember avatar Patrick

Last night’s episode was great, if not a bit complicated. I can’t wait to see more of Emily’s mother because she’ll make things even more interesting. Not to mention all the drama within the Grayson family. I have last night’s episode on my Hopper to watch again later. Thanks to PrimeTime Anytime in the Hopper I didn’t have to set a timer for Revenge, it was recorded automatically. My coworker at DISH and I were trying to figure out what kind of part Emily’s mother will play in the season. I can’t wait to find out.

cleig... cleigh717

This show is so awesome. Thanx for doing a recap! I am glad nolan is seperating himself from emily bc he smart but now it seems like emily has an unclear plan. Revenge against the greysons, finding her mother, who won't know its her mother bc she's emily thorne. REMEMBER! And I despise faux-amanda. I know she's prego but she infringed on the real amandas life way to much unnecessarily. She told her to go the first episode she came on. She shud have listened. Now she's a pawn in emilys plan for multi-purpose revenge. She was never meant to be with jack. She had her chance to go away and now she's a permanent fixure. She can't leave. She's got a baby conceived by lies, a fake sister, and now she's apart of the greysons clan. Yea I really don't like her. And I wish aiden and emily wud just get together already the sexual tension is like knife ready!

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