A Katie Holmes Hook-Up With Ex-Boyfriend Is Right on Schedule

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Katie HolmesIt's sounding like Katie Holmes has finally discovered the key to finding the woman she can be without Tom Cruise. Rumor has it she's finally dating again! And the guy might sound familiar for those fans who loved her way beck before Scientology's poster boy swept her into his couch-jumping frenzy.

There's a rumor (and I do mean rumor) that Katie is rekindling a romance with her old fiance Chris Klein. 'Memba him? Single moms in Katie's boat, listen up! This bit of Katie news may finally force Tom's ghost to the other side (along with some other no-good ex-husbands).

The proof of their relationship is pretty tenuous. A "source" told gossip rag Grazia that Klein has been sneaking into Katie's place via the underground garage so that the tabloids won't get hip to their relationship. So it might be a bunch of hooey. OR they could be onto a new path Katie should explore

Really, would Katie seeking out Klein -- who has gone to rehab and kicked the alcohol habit that broke them up in the first place -- be such a bad idea?

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Every mom getting out of a divorce since the beginning of time (or at least every one I've talked to) worries about whether anyone will be interested in them, if anyone will see them as anyone other than "woman with kid." Who better than a few of Katie's ex-boyfriends to help remind her who she was before Suri? To show her that she's still the same desirable woman she was pre-Tom and pre-motherhood?

She's hot. She's smart. She's got a great career. She's the whole package. Who needs Tom?

Lesson number one, for the recently divorced, huh?

What do you think of the Katie and Chris rumor? Does that fit into the methods she's using to get over Tom? Is it a good idea?



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What comes between Katie and freedom?Nothing!She just lost about 150lbs.Can't see her wanting to gain it back anytime soon.

jessi... jessicasmom1

sure why not everyone deserves to be happy 

luvsc... luvschocolate

The Tom thing was all a PR stunt anyways, and if you really look at Suri, she looks just like Chris Klein. Not that I really care, or anyone else should for that matter.

khaliya khaliya

Tom's scientology etc..was just her excuse...to get out..anyways she probably was seeing this guy  even before.. and of course now few men want to be w/her  .. she got tom's mulas.... her stories were all stunts anyways....she was lucky to have Tom C. as her husband.. she did not realize what she had.. perhaps she will realize when lots of prettier chic's will be seen w/ Tom.


BiBi Frederick Waltslady

Really Khaliya cuz seeing your psycho ex husband with a prettier chic would SO make me want em back- NOTeye rolling Didn't know she was still in high school lol

SoCal... SoCalMom78

I always thought Chris Klein was really Suri's father anyway ;) Timing didn't seem right between breaking up with Chris and getting with Tom.

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