Hulk Hogan Breathes New Life Into Sex Tape Scandal

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Hulk HoganBrother, things are getting really weird with the Hulk Hogan sex tape business. Or should I say weirder? The mustachioed former wrestler is so concerned about keeping this in the news fixing this sex tape business, that he called in the FBI to help him track down whoever outed footage of him doing the nasty with buddy Bubba the Love Sponge's (yes, that's his real name) wife Heather Clem.

Because nothing screams "taxpayer dollars well spent" like a bunch of federal agents sitting around a dark room watching a bleach blond with big boobs and some woman getting down looking for clues? Ay yi yi.

OK, so technically, Hulk Hogan has as much right as any other taxpaying citizen to request the help of the FBI with his problems -- no matter how trivial. The way TMZ tells it, the feds are actually the Hulk's last resort after local authorities in Florida told him the statue of limitations on unlawfully recording someone has passed because the tape was actually recorded in 2006 (which was before Clem and her Sponge got married, we should note). The fact that the tape was distributed across state lines also gives the FBI jurisdiction.

But this whole thing has been going on for MONTHS now. The first rumblings that someone had a tape of Hulkamania bedroom-style came out in March. And only now is he going to the FBI? And before doing so he made sure his attorney told TMZ about it?

Doesn't anyone find it a little strange that Hulk is soooo upset about this violation of privacy that he's making sure everyone knows about it?

Maybe instead of (probably) using the FBI to keep his name in the news, Hulk could find a more useful way to swing this that won't cost our hardworking federal agents their precious time. Say donating proceeds of the sale of the film to the Handlebar Mustache Society of America (or creating such a thing if there isn't one ... because there really should be!)?

Do you find it fishy that Hulk Hogan is still fighting this thing or is he just exercising his rights here?


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nonmember avatar AmandaCM

Gross. Enough already.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

I used to love watching the Hogan family. Once Linda & Hulk began their split, everything spirled downward. Nick's jail time, Linda's DUI, and now this... Wishing them the best of luck!

douxm... douxmusique

Ay ay ay. I think.

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

ew  ew    ew      ew      ew          ew              EW


nonmember avatar luna

I watched a radio interview with Hulk explaining how much this has impacted his life negatively and how devastated he is by it. Thing is, if you are really devastated, do you keep ratcheting things up? Do you go on every and any television show and radio show that will have you so you can talk about your big mistake and what a man you are for coming forward and "taking responsibility". Just seems like too much protesting.

nonmember avatar guesttt

I feel like the idea of the FEDERAL Bureau of investigation is not investigating a CELEB issue. Let's get real people.

Meghan Roark

omg Bubba the Love Sponge?? Isn't he a DJ on FL radio? I can remember listening to him as a teen when I would be visiting my cousins in Tampa. We thought his name was the most awful thing ever.

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