If Teresa Giudice Ignores Latest Joe Giudice Cheating Rumors, She's INSANE

teresa giudiceSunday night can't come soon enough. The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion part three is going to be, to use this year's most over-used word, EPIC. Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice are going to be screaming at one another about hurting "Mommy and Daddy" and Jaqueline's going to intervene at the exact wrong moment. Good god, I can't wait.

Since we have a few days to kill til we park it on the sofa and watch with wide eyes as a real family is decimated before our very eyes, let's talk about the latest Joe Giudice rumors. And, yeah, I'm being a little too magnanimous calling these cheating allegations "rumors" because, come on, everyone knows he's screwing around behind Teresa's back. The latest news is that he's in a committed relationship with a 25-year-old college student.

A source close to this mystery mistress says:

For a short, fat guy, Joe managed to get a real beauty. Chances are good that if Joe was just a regular guy who didn't appear on a hit TV show, she would never have looked his way. She probably likes the fame he has, thanks to his wife.

The mistress' parents say that their daughter knows Joe through work, which is news to me that Joe even has a job. Seriously, what does this man do? I know, I know, real estate or construction or some shit, but I gotta be honest, this dufus isn't even smart enough to rip off his mic when he's having a grunty conversation with a lady-friend, how would he be bright enough to read and execute a blue print? Something's not adding up.

Anyway, this isn't the only source that claims to know someting about Joe's cheatin' ways -- another person told Radar Online that they saw Joe getting all touchy feely with a woman, not Teresa, at an Atlantic City casino recently.

The fact that Joe is cheating on Teresa is so self-evident that it's bizarre and hell, alarming, that Teresa won't admit it. I'm no fan of that moron, but dang, no one deserves to be treated like this. I hope for her sake, and for the sake of her four daughters, Teresa kicks this ass hat to the curb ... then I hope she sells her side of the story to a tabloid. I'd love to hear what she has to say about Joe "oh herm herm herm grunt grunt grunt" Giudice.

Then, if his mistress could sell a story, too, that would be fantastic. Thanks!

You don't think there's any chance in hell Joe isn't cheating on Teresa, right??


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Debbie DeMarco Ryan

Why can't everyone just leave them alone and let them work out their problems. I don't care for him, but I do like Teresa and her four daughters. Time will tell what the outcome will be.

surro... surromama

Of course he's cheating. That was a work call, ha! She can't be that stupid. She's so conceited she can't say that he's cheating.

nonmember avatar Kim Vanstone

Hell no from what i have seen he has been doing it for quite a while. She tries to justify it, like with the comment about someone seeing his brother with a woman then telling her they saw Joe with with another woman. I'm sure that was Joe, she just makes herself look more stuped than she already is. As far as i'm concerned if she is going to defend him she deserves what she gets...

Joanne Hester

Teresa is not being smart about a lot of things. She loves this guy she wants to believe. This point in time she is just trying to hold on to something. I can not understand why her cast members want to take her down, especially the ones in her family. If you think she arrogant or conceited, you need to look again. I think she is fighting to survive, she is trying to hide. I feel sympathy for her, and I hope God helps her and brings out of this stronger and happier. I think all the bad things she has done or have been accused of, are petty, we would not know about this stuff if cast members did not bring it up while the cameras are rolling.

bills... billsfan1104

Joanne, well put. I agrre

Barbara Schuima

Poetic justice. She tried to break up her brother's marriage and instead her marriage is falling apart.


Mariann Montesani

When people are so miserable with their own life and have no control, they focus on destroying others. "Misery loves Company."

jeann... jeannie39

  Teresa knows Joe is cheating but thinks it is a reflection on her as a wife. I can't understand why people think her cast mates are wrong for standing up for themselves. Teresa has been terrible to them. Shes  done nothing but cause trouble for her family and wants to blame everyone except herself.  I saw the real Teresa  back when she wanted to say "hello" to Danielle. She knew what would happen . When she flipped that table, she saw peoples reaction and she went down hill from there. She let the fame go to her head. I know she has a hard life. Anybody can see it but she brings most of it on herself. She has no control for her personal life so she wants to control everything else.  Her cast mates stood by her through thick and thin until she turned on them so I don't know why its ok to treat them like crap but its wrong for them to stand up to her. Just because Teresa has a marriage from hell and is a fame whore does not give her the right to make her friends and family miserable,too.  She has no boundaries when it comes to hurting other people. She was so wrong to film with Dina to hurt Caroline. I always liked Dina,now I have no respect for either one of them. If some Teresa supporter would try on her  cast mates shoes, maybe they would see her for what she really is. A crazy vindictive bitch that is getting exactly what she deserves.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

 I am over the so called "TABLE FLIP" She didn't flip a table she bounced it and that was all. In order to flip something it would have to be turned upside down. All she did was bang on the underside of the table. And NO one would know about her troubles if she hadn't put it out there in the tabloids and the tabloids wouldn't have known if Joe would have been straight with his partner in the first place and that was back in season one or was it two when Joe finally told Teresa they had money problems and a law suit coming at them. Then she started the first cookbook when it took off she did another and turned it into a stupid snark book which started the whole thing off with Caroline. In Teresa's mind your only allowed to be mad for a moment then you have to move on, But then she does something else stupid that muddies up the water again. If Bravo cast Teresa's friends Teresa will bury them or at least try to because after all HER SHOW. Even Wendy Williams tried to talk some sense into her and Wendy likes Teresa or at did.

Para Fluie

It's hard to believe that someone is attracted to Joe.

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