Jef Holm & Emily Maynard Can't 'Break Up' Because Other 'Bachelor' Couples Keep Interfering

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Emily Maynard & Jef HolmOMG, you guys. I've been rooting for them to live happily ever after all along, but it's starting to look more and more like Emily Maynard and Jef Holm will never actually get married and have a whole brood of beautiful blue-eyed, blond-haired siblings for Ricki.

Ever since they got engaged on the finale of The Bachelorette, they've been torn to smithereens in the tabloids with reports of lying, cheating, and of course, "faking" their relationship simply for the sake of money and fame. And then a couple days ago, Reality Steve insisted that Jef and Emily have split and are simply waiting for the right time to announce their break up to the public.

But then just yesterday, an "insider" spoke up and said that Reality Steve's report is untrue and that Jef and Emily are still going strong. (Ok, so which is it?)

As much as I'd like to admit otherwise, my gut is telling me that Emily and Jef have either broken up -- or they're on the verge of breaking up. And if they have already decided to end their engagement and part ways, there's only one thing that's stopping them from going public with their split.

In case you hadn't noticed yet, other Bachelor and Bachelorette couples keep trying to steal their thunder. (Gah!)

First Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum announced that they are planning on getting married on T.V., and everyone got all excited about the idea of watching their nuptials from our own living rooms. And then last Friday, the news broke that Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik are no longer engaged.

And then as soon as the buzz around Ben and Courtney died down and there was possibly an opening in the reality TV spotlight for Jef and Emily to go ahead and put it out there that they will never be tying the knot -- Jason and Molly Mesnick had to swoop in and steal the limelight with their pregnancy announcement. And now fans are oohing and ahhing over their happy news instead of commenting on the status of Jef and Emily's relationship.

If "Team Jem" really is over for good, I'm going to predict that another few weeks will go by before we hear about it. That'll allow plenty of time for the attention around the other Bachelor peeps to die down, and it will also allow Jef the opportunity to tweet a couple photos of him taking Ricki trick-or-treating.

But somewhere before Thanksgiving -- they're probably going to land themselves a nice magazine cover complete with a headline along the lines of "We tried, but we're just not meant to be."

Again, I hope I'm wrong and that they really are in love and plan on getting hitched, but based on all of the reality TV couple knowledge I've gained over the past few years, I definitely won't be shocked when and if that break up announcement does come.

Do you think there's any chance that Jef and Emily will get married?


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britn... britneykaren

If not, I doubt she will date again for a long long time, it's too painful to keep telling your daughter she's getting a dad and then taking him away

nonmember avatar Amber

I believe they are done for good. Reality Steve is rarely wrong. I also think that the franchise is using other couples with happier news in hopes that the news of a Jemily break up is brushed under the rug as long as they possibly can. My prediction is they will probably announce the break up AFTER Jp and Ashley tie the knot because they want to prove that their relationships on their show can be a success. The franchise must really think fans are stupid, i'm already catching on lol.

nonmember avatar Darel

There is a new addiction and it is more insidious than drugs or is fame whoring. These people are literally addicted to seeing their faces spread all over the internet and on magazine covers. They will risk everything, including their child's privacy and safety to be in the limelight getting attention. Every single person who goes on a reality show is a fame whore. More than love or money they seek attention. It is their way to feel important. Emily is an extremely narcisstic self centered woman. She was NOT engaged to Ricky Hendrick and the recent picture of her wearing a ring was photoshopped. In the obituary it referred to her as Ricky's girlfriend.

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