Robert Pattinson Photographed With 'Mystery Blonde' -- KStew, Hide Your Eyes (VIDEO)

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robert pattinsonYou'd think Robert Pattinson would have learned. You'd think that by now, the actor would be well-aware of the fact that he isn't allowed to speak to another man, woman, or lizard without the world assuming he's dating said human or reptile. So, what does he go and do a few nights back? Why, he sits at a club and talks to a "mystery blonde". The nerve!

Photos taken by some kind, nonintrusive bystander just surfaced of RPattz chatting it up with a pretty blond lady in New York City. I know. Check out this video. But whatever you do, don't show Kristen Stewart.

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The scandal! In my opinion, this "mystery blonde" actually looks like Savannah Miller to me, Sienna Miller's sister, which would make sense since Rob was apparently hanging out with Sienna and her fiance/Rob BFF, Tom Sturridge. So, yeah. Probably not as big of a deal as everyone's making it out to be.

Poor Rob. Dude can't even go out for a night of fun and talk to another person without it turning into the latest gossip/hottest romance. I sincerely doubt this was anything. And I sincerely hope the person who sold these photos didn't make any money. Weak.

Do you think Rob was talking to just a friend?

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silen... silentlady

Awww yeeeah, you go Rob!!!!

Megan Banegas

YAY!!!  He deserves to find someone who will treat him how he deserves to be treated!  GO ROB!!! :D

2nino... 2ninos4me

so what is he supposed to do?just go out and not talk to anyone ? smh

jessi... jessicasmom1

Good for him , he needs to not put himself in his own little shell

Melan... Melanie420

he needs o be ih someone who isnt hideous, this blonde looks alot better

tuffy... tuffymama

I talked to the dairy manager at the co-op the other day. Jeez, I hope no one tells my husband.

LaTorya Tatmon

Jeez he was just sitting next to her...give the guy a he not allowed to have female friends! It's great the he is hanging out with friends but I doubt he wants to jump in a realtionship right now. Maybe he is just dating. Way too much focus on his love life..SMH!

Michelle Roberts

everyone is saying YAY!!!!!!!!! go Rob Dame guys has girls as friends too or is everyone this shallow

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