Mom Power: Strong Movie Moms

Every mother is a working mother. I get really irked when people ask me if I am "just a mom" or when I am referred to as a mommy blogger. Jessica Gottlieb wrote a great post over at LA Moms Blog about being "just a mommy blogger". Anyone who thinks being a mom is easy has never had to juggle a sick kid while on a conference call an hour and other multi-taking miracles. Jessica inspired me to list some of strong moms from the movies!


Bonnie Hunt is one of my favorite celebrities. Bonnie portrayed a strong mom in the movies, Return to Me and Cheaper by the Dozen.  Some people want to meet Oprah, I want to meet Bonnie Hunt.

Debbie Reynolds is fabulous in the hilarious 1996 movie, Mother.

Susan Sarandon's role in Little Women, as Mrs. March as heartbreaking and inspriring.

Here's a great list of strong movie moms, tell me what you think! Who are some of your favorite movie moms?

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