Young 'Twilight' Vampire Is Way Too Innocent for '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

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Dakota FanningYeah -- so I know there's a huge rat race in Hollywood right now to land the major roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but a line really has to be drawn on who is and who is definitely not an acceptable option for any of the leading parts.

Because whoever does wind up playing Anastasia Steele, Christian Grey, Kate Kavanagh, and Elliot Grey needs to have exactly the right balance of sex appeal, sophistication, and of course -- the chosen actors need to have a bit of an edge.

And that's why casting one Twilight vampire in particular as Anastasia or Kate is a seriously bad idea.

No, I'm not referring to Kristen Stewart or Ashley Greene this time around. Would you believe that Dakota Fanning's name has popped up as a possible option? Yes -- little Dakota Fanning -- the golden-haired star who went from being this sweet little child actress to being one of the members of the Volturi in Twilight before we had a chance to blink.

When asked whether or not she would consider taking a role in the flick, she said, "Never say never to anything but I don't know. I have read the books."

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Never say never? Um, I think Dakota has to say never when it comes to anything erotic. Take a moment and try and picture her being tied to a bed post, spanked, or in any sort of sexual scene, for that matter. Let me guess -- you can't do it, can you? It's because her sweet and innocent image is permanently burned into our brains and simply can't be erased.

There's absolutely no way she can be cast as Ana, and even Kate's role is way too much of a stretch. Dakota can't even associate with a sex-crazed submissive let alone play one herself. (It just isn't right.)

Do you agree, or can you actually see Dakota in Fifty Shades?


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nonmember avatar Cass

She's 18- and if she's committed to the role, it could turn out great. Besides, Cindy Lou Who was Taylor Momsen, not Dakota. Dakota is doing an excellent job of transitioning to more adult roles-She did an excellent job in the runaways where she played a drug addict. I'm sure she'll do an excellent job in this one should she decide to take it on.

linzemae linzemae

Maybe she wants to break out of her usual roles

Carmen Guthrie

she wasn't exactly sweetness and light in twilight. I think she could do it but I don't like her for that part. Totally not who I pictured.

nonmember avatar Tamela

Ana is innocent! She is a virgin! Dakota Fanning is an adult and she would be great I think. She is an actress! This is what she does. It is up to her what role's she plays.They are gonna pull this movie off with an R rating so all the details in the book will not be as intense. All books are different than the movies... I think so far I like Ashley Greene and Dakota Fanning the best

nonmember avatar Slam

Like Cass said, she wasn't the one who played Cindy Lou... but anyway, I think Dakota COULD tackle the role if she wanted to and was chosen for it. I'm not sure she'd be the BEST choice for the role, regardless of her abilities though.

the4m... the4mutts

Have you seen Hide and Seek? That was quite the grown up role for her just a few short years ago. Granted, it wasn't sexual, but she's an incredibly versitle actress.

I couldn't care less about those books, or movies, but Dakota Fanning? I hate to see her discounted for anything simply because she's sweetly pretty & young.

Btw, I find her quite sexy. I think she could do whatever she wanted.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

It's called acting. Most actors look for diversity in the roles they choose otherwise they get type cast. Don't you want to be able to say "WOW, she was awesome in that, who knew?" I think she would be great. She has that innocence that Anna has in the beginning of the book.

nonmember avatar Lucy McKee

No no cannot see her as a character on Fifty Shades. Kristen Stewart and. Robert Psttinson get my vote.

kelti... kelticmom

Dakota did not play Cindy Lou Who. That was Taylor Momsen.

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