Jill Zarin Wants Andy Cohen to Tell Her Why He Likes Bethenny More

jill zarinLike Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Jill Zarin will not be ignored. The former Real Housewives of New York star is set to be on What What Happens Live on Monday, which turns out is not live, as the episode Zarin's in already finished taping. I know, I feel cheated, too.

Anyway, Zarin just did an interview vis-a-vis her interview, and apparently things get awk-ward on the show with Andy Cohen, as -- as Jill puts it -- Andy clearly likes Bethenny more than Jill.

Also, people are so up in arms about Jill's no longer being on the show that there's a chance she'll be back next season.

Well, so says Jill.

According to Zarin, the reason Cohen had her on the show was because people still want to know why she's no longer a RHONY cast member. She said: "I think that's why Andy had me on. Andy didn't have any of the other Housewives on. I don't think he's ever had someone he's let go on [Watch What Happens Live]. I think [Bravo] usually lets someone go because they don’t get ratings and they don't bring what they need. I think they got this wrong. I know they got this wrong." Jill then explained how she gets 50-100 emails a day, asking why she was cut from the show.

Then, as conversations with Jill tend to do, the interview eventually segued into talk about Bethenny. Apparently, Andy "brought up a lot of questions about Bethenny," and Jill told him that he totally picked Bethenny over her, saying: "I told [Andy] I thought he played favorites with Bethenny and I gave him specific examples, one being his socializing with Bethenny. He invited Bethenny to certain events and didn't other housewives. He got defensive ... very."

Here's my take on Jill's being fired from RHONY: I was surprised. Definitely. But that show needed an overhaul more than any other Housewives show. (Except Miami, which still needs an overhaul.) Last season, New York was ree-diculous. It honestly was annoying to watch, because the whole thing seemed like one big gimmick. The most insane "storyline" of all being Ramona "thinking she was pregnant." I was disappointed in Bravo for even letting that idiocy air. I mean, come on. It was one of the biggest B.S. moments in reality TV history.

But that was Ramona (and Sonja), and not Jill, right? So, why was Jill (and Kelly and Alex) fired while Ramona and Sonja stayed on? Because no one can bring the crazy like Ramona can! Obviously, she was going to have problems with new members (even if it's the new members who are at fault). Watching Ramona try to get along with new women is better TV than watching Jill.

So I get why they axed half of the cast. They really needed to mix things up. Watching Jill and Ramona argue was just getting old. According to Jill, though, she may be back next season. Okay, well, she didn't say that per se, but she acted cagey when asked if she was going to return.

The only question I have left is: Why is Luann still on?

Would you like to see Jill back on RHONY?

Image via Bravo

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jessi... jessicasmom1

everyone deserves the truth 

Jennifer Yeatts McCready


nonmember avatar Brandy Ferguson

Jill is boring. Ramona brings the drama and that makes good reality tv!

Jackie Rebecca Velez

Jill was out for blood against Bethany. Also Bethany has established herself Skinny girl has blown up. She has a talk show and bravo show. I believe Andy like Bethany because she is likeable and witty. She is real as real can be. So As far as Jill coming back well after Avia anything is better I love Carol she rattle Luann feathers LOL, but Jill coming back ?? I highly doubt it but I am sure she is on the phone with Bravo everyday. She will have her face in somewhere. You are right no one brings Crazy like Romona ...LMBO. But Jill brings drama like no other. She is the Queen. Countess and Princess have nothing like the Queen. I was quite mad at Jill we were on live chat and I asked her about Bethany she blocked me .. HOW RUDE ! Leave her where she is...off TV. she treat fans like garbage. So personally I was glad to see her go.

Tamera Burnette Licon

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON"T EVEN CONSIDER HER RETURN. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen Dominguez

I want to smack the hell out of Ramona!!!  She needs to take a Xanax!!! Sonja is trashy ... Please bring Jill back!!!

Marylou Armas

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Bring back Bethany n Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Bridgette

I DO think Andy likes Bethenny more than Jill, and he's allowed. He showed NO favorites while they were on the same show. Andy can invite whomever he chooses to his PERSONAL events. Bethenny was not even a NY housewife anymore when Jill got booted. Be happy he likes you enough TO invite you on WWHL, Jill. He clearly thinks, as most of us do that Kelly is seriously too weak mentally to handle this show, Cindi was just plain BORING, and Alex and Simon were getting KooKoo too. It was TIME for a change.

Susan Keaveny Lehner

Andy likes Bethany more because Bethany is NICE - and Jill YOU ARE NOT NICE.  Stop being such a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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