Kim Kardashian Is Worried About Khloe's 'X Factor' Gig & She Should Be

Khloe and Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is looking a little green these days. Not with any kind of virus but with a mad case of envy over Khloe Kardashian's gig as co-host of The X Factor.

A source told that Kim -- who is used to being the queen Kardashian -- is worried that Khloe is going to dethrone her. Khloe's going to be working with big wigs like Britney Spears and appearing on national television regularly while Kim is left trying to pimp the family products and pedaling to stay relevant. An "insider" told the site:

Kim is worried that Khloe is going to become more famous than her because of her X Factor gig. She has been snappy lately and saying things to Khloe like, ‘I should be a co-host with you’, or the other extreme, ‘The X Factor job is going to be totally stressful, are you sure you are up for this type of thing?’

The source went on to say:

Khloe wishes Kim would just be happy for her but there has always been some sort of competition between the girls. Kim’s biggest fear is that she will become irrelevant like Paris Hilton! Kourtney on the other hand is beyond thrilled for Khloe.

I can see Kim and Paris on a Where are They Now? special in a few years, can't you?

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The truth is Kim should be afraid of Khloe replacing her as the most famous face of the Kardashians. It's going to be a big shock for her too as Kimmy is used to being the favorite. Mom Kris Jenner flat out admits she's her favorite, and when most people think of Kardashians, they think of Kim's ass. Kim's diva ways also make it pretty evident that she thinks the whole family owes their fame to her.

Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the spin-offs, however, long ago deemed Khloe the favorite sister. She comes off as so much kinder, funnier, and more real than Kim, and people love and relate to her. And we've certainly seen Kim's jealousy rear its head, such as when Kourtney asked Khloe to be Mason's guardian and not Kim.

Now Khloe's going to have a bigger platform on which to shine, and most importantly, she's going to get to shine away from Kim's shadow. So yeah, Kim should be shaking in her stilettos I'd say if she's trying to keep her perceived lead in whatever competition it is she's created in her mind.

It would, of course, be nice if Kim could put her jealousy aside to be happy for her sister, and maybe she will. But, based on what we know about Kim, I'd say a more likely scenario is that she somehow cons Ryan Seacrest into letting her play co-host on American Idol to try and take the lead again.

Who's your favorite sister -- Khloe or Kim? Do you think X Factor will make Khloe more famous than Kim?


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Mariah Hildebrand

I cant believe i actually took the time to read about the kardashians. And that i took the time to comment :)

littl... littlesuzyfrog

I can't believe Khloe took the job. Less time with the family, which I always thought she put first, and then second, her drive to make a baby, and then finially spending time with her husband.  Exactly, In that order too.

And if Kim wants stay relevant she could always make another sex tape.  Or maybe get married to Kanye, if she ever gets divorced.

Jessy76 Jessy76

I think Khloe will be great. Who knows maybe taking a little time away from the whole let's make a baby stress is exactly what the Dr. ordered. Switching her focus to something else and clearing out her head might make the baby thing happen for her. If nothing else it will allow her to have something new and exciting to concentrate on. As someone who struggled with infertility I empathize with her and think she is making a great choice to switch gears an focus on herself and her career for the moment.



nonmember avatar Ann Marie

I'm extremely happy Khloe took the X Factor job. Yes its taking some time away from her hubby and family but at the same time they only do the show 2 nights a weeks. So its really not a whole lot of time plus they're going to be in Cali. I'm glad she's branching off and doing something for herself instead of w/ her sisters. I live Khloe and can't wait to see her and Mario Lopez on X Factor.

P.S. Kim needs to get over it. I see No reason to be jealous or have any competition w/ your siblings.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I think Khole would do well, Kim .. just get married already like you want to do  milk the money

Marty L Dunn

the truth is klohe is already more popular then kim,shes down to earth&real emtions that are for real! that show w/rob in tears&so upset she didnt show to much emtion&klohe was the first&only one to give him comfert!!!  then kim comes out w/stupied comments&kourtney &kris were very emotional for rob! i like kim&shes a good aunt&sister but i think she needs to become real&give her real personality&stop thinking about only her!! she should be happy for her sister,love klohe&she will be a great asset to the xfactor!!!!! &who ever haters dont comment no one cares what ya say anyways!!! lmao!

Lucy Love Hope

I dont see why she cant do something she wants she does put her family first always and people should be happy for as should kim shes strong woman and doing her thing and doing something she wants does not make her any less of a family person 

Lucy Love Hope

or want and if kim cant be happy or spuurt her with out out getting fam from the door that open to klohe than kim not the person I thought she was I have been supporter of the whole family but I will not if kim cant step back and allow her sister to shine kim does not always have to be in the light if kim wants her life she used to have than she needs to get out her mans butt and stop dressing like a wanna be and dress like she 

Lucy Love Hope

has her own thoughts and her own teste and not her mans wants and needs I really thought kim was strong woman but latly am secound guesing that and wondering where the heck kim go well either way I hope kim backs off and supports her sister and love her and not keep trying to steal everything the family wants to do for them selfs this is all to close to rob story where kim didnt want rob to shine or help support rob in his dreams come on kim yes u started the life for your family but family working together and supporting each other is a happier family than famnily that dont support each other 

Rush Barlow- O'Neal

Love Khloe, she is outspoken, and seems true at heart.

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