Robert Pattinson Has a Free Pass to Cheat -- Did He Use It Already?

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Babe, you know I have a free pass.So let's just say you're in a long term relationship with the person you think you're going to marry. And let's just say that person is caught cheating. Okay, let's just say you're Robert Pattinson. Anyhoo. So let's just say you and your girlfirend -- who might be named Kristen Stewart -- get back together. You did the therapy thing, the password exchange thing, the " no sex pact" thing, the moving back in thing. Now everything is back to normal, right?

Suuuure. Until you find yourself out with your buds one night, partying in that concrete jungle where dreams are made, New York. And there happens to be a pretty blonde girl lurking nearby, her orbs trained on you like a lioness eyeing a newborn lamb. Do you act honorable like you probably did pre-cheat? Or ... not? Look at the photos. And weep -- or cheer. As the case may be.

It all apparently went down in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday in the nightclub of New York's Dream Hotel. (The same hotel Lindsay Lohan and her Craymom, Dina, were fighting in last night. Let's hope Rob doesn't ever have too many Jell-O shots and go there.)

Rob was reportedly boozing it up with some friends whilst Kristen was on the opposite coast, attending a concert with her father. And the blobby blackness that is allegedly RPattz in these photos and the blobby other blackness that is apparently some attractive woman who is not KStew, got their flirt on big time. Ahh-lege-ed-ly.

Let's hear what a trusty "source" has to say about this blurry blob job:

He had his arm slung around her at one point and they chatted for most of the night. They looked like they were having a great time and the girl was making him laugh a lot. There was about five of them but it looked like Robert only had eyes for the girl. They sat really close together on the couch.

Hey, if you were RPattz would you be on your best behavior these days? Once that trust is gone, it's not only hard to get back, but it's hard to stay in a trustworthy zone yourself. Once you know what your partner is capable of, why shouldn't you be capable of the same? Call it revenge. Call it evening the score. Call it a dark, blurry photo that may or may not be RPattz. Call it the Free Pass rule. He or she who cheats gives the cheater-ee a Free Pass.

Rob must get hit on all the time. Women must be throwing themselves at him. Making like a javelin and hurdling straight for him. Is he really going to be a good boy now? Knowing what he knows??? Suffering what he has suffered???!!

I think not. RPattz got himself a FreePattz.

Does Rob have a free pass?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I don't believe there is a such things as a 'free pass.' Just because one person made a bad choice- it doesn't give the other person the right to make one as well... that is just low sense of character. The whole addage: two wrongs never make a right.

cmjaz cmjaz

Yeah, the black blob is definetly Rob.

Judy Swartz

The girl is Sienna Miller (or her sister), his best bud Tom's fiancee. They were all out enjoying themselves. Other accounts describe this as a nice casual evening, not a hook up as you say. Also, if he were as turned on as you say, why did he  go right back to LA on Monday? His time's his own for awhile so there was no rush. Stop the drama!

Lulu Collazo

I do hope these are his friends and nothing more, otherwise he is making the same mistake. Revenge is never the right path, better to finish things, to have closure and then move on, that would be the right thing to do. I feel sorry for him, he will regret for the rest of his life not being there for Kristen in her time of sadness, of shame. She is obviously vulnerable and with low self esteem while he's having "fun". That's worse than cheating. Cruelty to the core. But I wouldn't expect more from him, due to his upbringing. I hope I am wrong. If I am, I apologize.

silen... silentlady

they're not back together (PR for the premiere), so this shouldn't be considered cheating.

Veda Johnson Cascone

What happens between Kristen and Robert should stay with them...  But (yeah you knew it was coming)... I do not believe that there should be a "free" pass....  And I do not think Kristen has the right  going back into this relationship with "conditions", Robert should be the one with conditions....

Michelle Chapman

thats his best friends fiance, u r stupid

Terri Daniel

Will they never leave this couple alone.  It's really sad the way the media has fueled this fire.  KStew made a big mistake.  And she alone has taken all the heat for this stupid blunder.  It's like old Rupert's name was threw in this fling for the media to take off and pour gas on the fire.  I hope they defie the stupid media and make this relationship work.  But either way THEY choose to go as a couple.  It is their business.  Gool Luck to both Kristen and Rob,  I wish you both the best this world has to offer.

Donna Lightle

Revenge or free pass is a bunch of crap and I rescind every nice thing I said about Rob taking Kristen back because I thought they belonged together.  It's all a farce for the movie and Kristen is not being treated as a girlfriend. If they were reconciled RP wouldn't be doing what he is doing now, yanking her chain.

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