KStew & RPattz Need to Stay Far, Far Away From Each Other on the Red Carpet

kristen stewart robert pattinsonYes. Yes, I am, Robert.It's just so volatile, you guys. So visceral. So polarizing. Nope, not talking about Obama and Romney, I'm talking, of course, about the national crisis that is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The star-crossed pair are reportedly back together despite KStew's wondering vagina, but some people out there aren't so sure this is a good idea. And those "some people" are allegedly the people who make decisions. A Robsten insider claims that the studio will not let them promote Breaking Dawn Part II together lest it upsets the fans who are still angry at Kristen for betraying their Rob like that.

Yup! All those awkward red carpet premiere photos we were hoping for might not even happen.

Such a bummer. We'll find out at the end of next month whether or not this rumor is true when Kristen and Robert attend the London premiere of the film together, but frankly, I'd really like to see them try and look comfortable in front of throngs of screaming fans and photographers. I want them to promote together. It'd be amazing.

I can't blame the studio, though. If I were a big wig over there, I'd make sure my stars never overlapped on the red carpet, too. Twihards were devastated by the scandal, and why risk reminding them of the pain Kristen's actions caused by having her stand next to Rob like nothing happened? Nope, no way, not on my watch.

I'd treat KStew and RPattz like oil and water and make sure they never mixed at Breaking Dawn events. Until, well, until the world premiere in L.A., of course. That's when I'd let Rob and Kristen hold hands on the red carpet, and even kiss. It'd be the perfect storm of publicity for the movie, for the actors, and for the puppet-masters waiting in the wings to collect their enormous Breaking Dawn checks. Ah, Hollywood.

Do you think Kristen and Robert should appear separately at Breaking Dawn events?


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nonmember avatar Bear

What's her vagina wondering about?

Lori Martinson Cyples

Let them appear together!  I mean if he's forgiven her, then everyone else should too!  HE is the one who got hurt!

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

I think its wondering "where all the married guys at? Whoo! Whoo!"

Marti Gammino

THERE WAS NO SEX!!   For anyone who can't get that pick a language you like and I'll find someone who speaks it because English isn't working. THERE WAS NO SEX!!!!!   So the snarky comments about "wandering vagina" besides being ignorant as hell (this isn't Angelina who DOES have a wandering vagina) there are just not true.  And every other publication that's been tracking the Rob and Kristen reunion is reporting that Summitt Entertainment and Lions Gate Studios are thrilled that Rob and Kristen will be promoting BD2 together. 

Connie Peterson

You know what, the fans need to get a life.  I am a huge fan of twilight.  Also of Kristen and Rob.  Let these people alone.  People make mistakes, can't be mad at her golly, she's human too.  I have always wanted these two to stay together, but how can they when the fans are acting like they've never done anything wrong.  It's not right that they might not be together on the red carpet because of angy fans.  Get over it.  They deserve to be together on that red carpet as anyone.  The fans need to stop acting so childish.


Diane Linn Moore

i think they should show up together,they made the movie together so they shouyld show up together. IF kristen did cheat on rob it's nobody's business,except theirs. everyone sometime or another cheats. but the other person usually forgives them. the couple should be left alone,& let them BOTH walk the red carpet together. i don't care if the fans are mad or upset or hurtfull at kristen for what she has done,ROB has forgiven her & so should everyone else..LEAVE them two alone


Donna Lightle

With the latest news, I think she ought just let him do all the premieres by himself.  She ought to go to somewhere secluded and sunny; get a nice suntan, read some books and throw the damn laptop and cell phone into the ocean.  Rob is no bf material and she should not be near him at all.  A healing process needs to happen before she can get on with HER life, to forget the crap that all the haters, inconsiderate, self-serving idiots have typed about her.  If I were her mom that's what I would advise her to do.  She does not need any more grief.

Katelyn Taylor

I am sorry but people who are upset with Kristen should get a life. Seriously it is Hollywood and when you are in Hollywood you have no privacy. People make mistakes under pressure. It is life and people make mistakes. When that happens we learn from them and move on. What Kristen did was in the past get over it. Rob has and they are happier than ever leave them have their privacy. They need it.

Shana Pyle

What the hell is wrong with you??? Leave these two people ALONE!! My God, what difference is it to you or anybody else if these two poeple are back together or whether or not the promote a movie that they have worked their asses of for four years. If you are a fan of them then have some recpect and shut the hell up!

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