Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's 'Official' Reunion Has Suspiciously Perfect Timing (VIDEO)

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robert pattinson kristen stewart Well, Robsten skeptics, time for you to eat your words! Apparently, there's no more trouble in paradise for the beleaguered Twilight lovebirds. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "have gotten back together," several sources confirm to People.

As the sources' story goes, they got together (to hash things out presumably) over the weekend of September 15 in L.A. Since then, they've been spending more and more time together, and now they're ready to say that they're "officially" a couple once again. Rob's even decided not to sell Los Feliz home that he and Kristen shared. (Convenient that there were no offers before now, eh?)

Well, looks like the fairy tale reunion all Twi-hards have been waiting for is panning out perfectly ... and just in the nick of time!

Come on, we've been saying it aaallll along that they'd "reunite" just ahead of the promotion of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which is out next month. After all, being that there are boatloads of cash at stake (no vampire pun intended) with this flick, there was no way in Volterra that they'd allow any discord between Kristen and Rob prevent the big bucks from rolling in at the box office. According to a source who spoke to

Rob and Kristen are legally required to promote Breaking Dawn Part 2 together along with the rest of the cast. Their individual contracts have very specific language about what is legally required of Rob and Kristen to do on the publicity tour. The studio execs at Summit weren't happy when Rob and Kristen broke up, but this is why there are clauses about what is required of the stars to do. The promotional tours of the past Twilight movies are very much anticipated by the fans and almost becomes bigger than the movie.

So, whether or not Summit orchestrated it, this reunion works out pretty nicely business-wise. And given the weight surrounding the importance of the film's promo, you kiiiinda have to wonder if there really was never any discord in the first place! People who saw Robsten romancing at SoHo House late last month said it looked as though no time had passed or scandalous affair had affected the pair. Maybe that's because the scandal was completely fabricated?!

Then again, there are even those who say the relationship has been completely faux from the get-go ... But no matter where the truth (a word that has a veerrry muddy definition in Hollywood) lies, it's looking more and more like fans will get to see the pair cozy up together on the red carpet for the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere! Oh sure, they may break up soon after the flick's released, but I'm guessing that for plenty of Twi-hards, this wild ride on the Robsten gossip mill will have been well-worth the final heartbreak.

Are you surprised by the timing of this official "reunion"?


Image via James Higgins/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Woody88

They have been obviously reconciled since the beginning of September. The too good to be true timing is their publicist getting the word out before the tour, not what is actually happening between them.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Im sooooo sick of hearing about these two. If anything their little publicity stunt has repelled me from seeing breaking dawn pt. 2 and im a twilight fan.

Bing Lagon Smith

they are back together according to the studio and Kristen PR camp.The studio is not forcing them apart they are complying for Robs request to be keep distance from would be awkward  faking everything  in front of the fans.the least  interactions between them the more favorable for Rob.

Tammy Janke

No one knows if they are together or not! You are talking like you know them. Seriously? Rob's request so its not awkward faking everything... If Rob didn't want to be around her he probaby wouldn't. This is so ridiculious! Think of other movies... People are not connected at the hip. I am so sick of hearing about this. I am sick of hearing people talk like they know Rob and Kristen! You are reading stories and your sick heads are warping them into some fantasy of yours. The haters  are just jealous and the non haters are having faith they will be together. Either way life will go on. But please stop acting like you know them! You sound so stupid! Bing Lagon Smith you are just totally frustrating~!!!!! Lol... Do you talk to the studio regularly? And Rob and Kristen's PR camp? WOW!

nonmember avatar Bfly

Being an actor is being in the show business. You have to be good at both games and these two prove that they know what they're doing. It's not up to them, it's up to the audience.

nonmember avatar bren

I dont believe they are together. I bet she is still seeing Rupert. Kristen's career is doing very well and will continue to do well without Rob. Cosmopolis was a massive bomb.

Lillian Jones Kissinger

scandal was completely fabricated?!Their was never a breakup I think poor Rupert was a victim in this farce.

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