Kim Kardashian Has Every Right to Freak Out About Reggie Bush's Baby

kim kardashianSo, Kim Kardashian is pissed that her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush and his girlfriend are expecting a baby. Some sources are claiming that Kim's really upset because Reggie was a part of her life for five years, and now, with this baby on the way, it's just further evidence that they're never, ever getting back together. Apparently Kim's always hoped for a reunion, but now she's devastated because that seems totally out of the question. Aw, poor rich and famous and twice divorced Kim. Her heart's (allegedly) broken. Sad face.

But hey -- there's a bright side to all of this.


Nothing like a baby on the way to really help you get over your ex, huh? If Kim's been holding a torch for Reggie even while married to Kris Humphries, even while dating Kanye, welp, now's the time to put it out. The last thing anyone (including Kim, I would hope) wants to do is break up a family, so she needs to extinguish that long burning flame and move on, once and for all.

I'm sure the news of the pregnancy stings extra for Kim, who admitted on her show she wants a baby and has considered freezing her eggs, but she's just gotta suck it up and count the blessings that she does have right now, like Kanye (I guess), a lot of money (that's worth something, right?), a healthy family (there we go!), and a really, really ridiculously cute kitten.

Kim and Kanye were spotted house hunting in Miami a few days ago, so it seems like the reality star is staying focused on her current relationship, even if she is down in the dumps about the Bush in the oven.

That sssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaid, she shouldn't rush into anything with Kanye just to prove to Reggie that she's moved on, too. The only winners in the who's over whom game are the future divorce lawyers.

It's time to let Reggie fly. Fly away, you gorgeous, rippled-abbed bird, you! Don't come 'round here no more. Kim's no longer interested. Hopefully.

How did/would you react if your former flame just announced his new girlfriend's pregnant?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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