Drew Lachey's 'DWTS' Whining Sounds Like Sour Grapes

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Drew LacheyThe things that surprise me about Dancing With the Stars are 1) how it remains such a popular show (this is, what, the fifteenth season? FIFTEEN SEASONS of lukewarm paso dobles, and Firefly got canned after 11 episodes, for crying out loud), and 2) the way the celebrities who get kicked off the competition always seem so upset about it. I mean, legitimately shocked and upset, despite the fact that they're celebrities -- albeit of the B-list variety -- who presumably have other things to do than mope around bemoaning their missed shot at a disco-ball trophy.

Drew Lachey, who was eliminated from the show on Tuesday, is just as surprised and unhappy as previous celebrities who got the boot -- only he sounds even whinier and more bitter than the norm. According to his post-show statement, he went home TOO EARLY, you guys, and it's all just A LITTLE ODD.

Someone notify Woodward and Bernstein, because Lachey may be on to a DWTS conspiracy ... one that goes all the way to the top.

Maybe it's because Lachey's career seems to revolve around silly reality shows these days (before DWTS, his recent claim to fame was winning the celebrity edition of HGTV's Battle of the Bonus Room), maybe it's because he fancies himself as a "real" dancer as compared to all those wannabe hoofer celebs, but Lachey's downright ticked about getting sent packing during this week's double elimination episode:

It really sucks! I take pride in being a performer, and to me it's ironic that the two Broadway performers -- me and Joey [Fatone] -- are gone already. It's a little odd to me. Do I think we're going home too early? Absolutely. I don't think there's anybody in this ballroom who would disagree with that [and] I don't think I'm speaking out of turn by saying that. Helio's going home too early as well.

Poor Drew. He's just the latest grumpy-pants performer to imply that the show is totally rigged, and whether or not it's true, the sad reality is that no one really cares. Talent competitions rely on drama and twists ... because god knows no one's actually tuning in for the talent. I mean, why else would Bristol freaking Palin still be on the show?

After his sour-grapes outburst, Lachey must have reclaimed his PR game face -- because he went on to gush about how he actually loves the show format (and he should totally be invited back someday, hint hint):

We knew what we were getting into when we signed up for it. That's part of why we love this show, the unpredictability! (...) It's what we love about the show: You put yourself out there and you expose yourself to a scenario that is unknown.

Ha. "It sucks! Uhhhh, I mean, it's the best." Welcome to reality television, Drew, where it's less about dancing and more about entertainment. Go drum up some controversy in your personal life, and maybe you'll be kept around for an extra show or two.

Do you think Drew Lachey has the right to complain about getting kicked off DWTS?

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nonmember avatar Christine

Maybe he would have stayed longer if they had partnered him up with his "rumored" ex-lover/partner, Cheryl. Heh.

Lisa Miller Nocek

I think it is rigged. It's the same pros winning and the same celebraties staying. Bristol Palin should be gone Not Drew or Helio. They both danced better than Bristol.

Siste... Sisteract

Popularity is a variable.

I agree RE Palin. What  has she actually done to gain a following? Even her quitter mother is old news.

CAP1015 CAP1015

Since this isn't actually an official contest or event, it is an entertainment show, there is no requirements to have the results be anything other than scripted.  If in fact this was a "real" contest the television numbers would be required to be disclosed.  This show continues to be about trying to create drama, intrigue, and interest in the show, with dancing being a theme, not an outright requirement.  This explains the fliming of the "fights' and "meltdowns" of the cast.......amazing how the camera always seems to be there for those.     The most entertaining thing about this show is to watch the starst that no matter what have a sense of pride, integrity and class and those who begin to without shame beg for votes, claim foul and so on........I think they should have Dancing with the Real Housewives of NJ hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Charleen Don

The fact that Kirstie Alley and Bristol Palin lasted longer than anyone tells me the show is all rigged for ratings. 

Joyce Clark Ogonowski

This is the first season that I haven't watched - When they invited Bristol back as an "all star" that was the last straw.  I watched the show for the dancing, not the drama and I voted for the dancing, not who was disliked by everybody.  People have spoiled the show by voting for someone who can't dance just to irritate the people who actually watched for the dancing.


nonmember avatar Leslie

I voted for Kirstie Alley and the people complaining about who is or isn't on show should vote. Everyone knows that its more than a dance show and to act like a crybaby because your voted off is not doing Drew Lachey any favors. Maybe he sould not have signed up again if he can't handle its format.

Estella Melchert

I personally don't think they should have brought former winners back with anyone else. They should have done a show with all former winners and then a show with the ones that did not win. Drew would be gone sooner or later anyway. He was not up there with Sabrina, Kelly, and Shawn, Emmet, Gilles...  I do believe that Bristol should have been gone sooner. Drew may have not made it to the top had he been in competition with some of the others. I don't think it is rigged. I would love to see someone win that has not already won.

nonmember avatar robin

Yes he should stay longer cuz you are good dancing . Bristol and kirste should go home early . I was shock why . He has right to complain cuz he knew he is good dang peoples vote .

Marty L Dunn

he had his moment w/danceing w/the stars!! get over it you did go home maybe a couple of weeks early but defently wernt gonna go farther! its about the best dancers&the most entertaning&you didnt really meet either one! so get over it already!  the past is the past w/cheryl i'm sure your wife didnt want you danceing w/her &cheryl has defently moved on!! so go find a job or just shut up already!! geez its a great show&it will continue&i'll keep watching!!!!!!!!!!!

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