Joe Giudice Hit On Melissa Gorga -- THAT'S Why Teresa Hates Her So Much!

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melissa gorga and teresa giudiceOhhhhmaaahhhgaahhh. What Watergate was to Nixon, this piece of gossip is to Teresa Giudice. An ever-elusive source came forth recently and claimed that -- you should be sitting down -- Joe Giudice used to hit on Melissa Gorga all the damn time! If this is true -- and I don't completely doubt it -- it explains so much. This is why Teresa hates Melissa so much. At long last, things in The Real Housewives of New Jersey world start to make sense. From the sounds of things, this source has to be someone in the family, as the details are very specific. Here's what Source Face had to say:

Before we get to the quotes, you should know that this source -- who talked to The New York Times In Touch -- claimed that Joe's come-ons to Melissa started when Joe and Melissa started dating. And apparently, they were not welcome. The source said: "Melissa always told me he was a creep. He’s so disrespectful to Teresa, but she turns a blind eye." They then continued: "He always complimented the way [Melissa] sings. He told her she makes the most beautiful pregnant woman. He complimented her style, too." And the worst part, the source added, is that Joe is totally aware that Teresa is "insecure", and that "her biggest fear is Joe will lose interest." And they concluded with: "She tries so hard to keep his attention, it gets to the point where she just looks nuts."

Ho-ly shit. If this is true, this changes everything. The relationship with Teresa and Melissa has obviously always been a contentious one, but it's also been a confusing one. It's never been completely clear why Teresa hates Melissa so much. I think most of us just chalked it up to plain, old jealousy -- which, I guess if this is true, it still is. But this is a different kind of jealousy. This isn't, like, "I don't like you because you're skinnier and younger than me" jealousy. This is dark jealousy.

I sincerely hope this gossip isn't true, as nobody should be married to someone who constantly hits on their sister-in-law, but I wouldn't be shocked if it was. I mean, that infamous phone call doesn't exactly help build his case. Nobody groans at a pizza guy like that.

What do you think  -- do you think Joe hit on Melissa?


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nonmember avatar kay

So, the source is credible because of the specific details? Why, are the details listed here sooooo complicated that someone couldn't come up with those? Any hoo.... I think its pretty obvious to most that Teresa hates Melissa because her relationship changed when her brother got married. Delusional Teresa is focusing that pain and blame on Melissa.

Terri Hays

of course he did!!!  he is gafbage just like Caroline says!!!


nonmember avatar BethBowling

I totally believe it! That man is a slimeball. The only ''juice" in that Joe is the nasty grease that oozes out of him!! It's obvious by the way he talks to his wife and daughters that he has NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN and if she had half a brain she'd dump his fat ugly ass!!!

Theresa Gammon Hicks

Nicole, you need to read the story again it says when Joe Gorga first started dating Melissa. I don't even see why you would reiterate another news story anyway...real original.

BethB... BethBowling

If I even THOUGHT that my husband was hitting on a friend or family member, I would not only leave him but make sure he was incapable of EVER wanting to disrespect another woman for the rest of his days! Here in the South, we know how to deal with slimeballs who mistreat and disrespect women. Nothing illegal, just very very memorable!

Grace Brancato Cangelosi

I never comment on any of these articles, but I am so sick of everything that is going on with this show anymore. I think they are all nuts and I think there is no truth to any of these articles. Nothing ever makes any sense and nothing is ever resolved. Why is that? I think the fact is they are all making money and becoming so well known to the public…so the story’s build and build. They are all fame whores!!!!

Sandy Spivey

We all sit around flabbergasted at Teresa's complete lack of scruples when in fact, her cousin Kathy said it best, "Teresa has NOTHING between her ears".  We watch this show because of Teresa.  Most of us can't stand her but we can't wait to see her next incredibly selfish lack of morals will Teresa exhibit next?!  It is very entertaining.  However, I know she has a lot of fans but I just can't figure how ANYONE could like her in the least.  She would sell her own mother down the road if she thought she was taking the spotlight off of Teresa.  The other ladies need to quit wasting their time trying to convince this narcissistic B---H that she is wrong and is constantly hurting people!  She won't believe it and doesn't care anyway.  I can't wait to see part 3 of the Reuinion!! He, he, he :)


Millie Terranova

We all know this has become the Teresa Show, the B we love to hate, the villianess of the show.  If you check on her FB page it states she is divorced...LOL...all of this for the ratings and it is working too. Joe is a dog in heat and yes I do believe he would be guilty of being a PIG.  If it walks like a duck...etc,

Norma J Brill

   I read all these comments and there funny, Ladies its just a show why do you take it so serious.  Old saying if ya don't like the heat get out the kitchen. I love all the housewives show. All the wives are entertaining in their own way.  I just don't like any of the new wives on House wives of NY. Bring Jill back, Bethany can stay the hell away. She had a good man and threw him to the curb. I love love love  Bravos housewives. xoxoxox

nonmember avatar Elle

Obviously Joe hit on Melissa. He hits on anything that has two legs and walks, it seems like. Teresa is super insecure and owning up to it or not, everyone knows she is. This Woman is a narcissist, and can not ever put any blame whatsoever on herself. Don't worry, her 15 is up and she will be shelved just like Kate Gosselin.

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