Lindsay Lohan's 911 Call Involving Mom Dina May Be for the Best

It's been almost two weeks since the cops were called to some kind of fracas involving Lindsay Lohan, and you know what that means. Totally overdue. But no worries. TMZ reports that cops were called early this morning to the Long Island home of Dina Lohan, Lindsay's June Cleaverish mother. Someone (unclear who) called police after Linds and Dina had a little mother-daughter tiff that supposedly got physical and ended with Lindsay getting a cut on her leg and breaking a bracelet. No charges were filed but police reportedly took a "domestic incident report," which is a fancy way of saying, "We're writing down how freaking cray cray Lindsay Lohan and her mother are and then we're gonna tell TMZ about it."


Apparently it all started when the drunknamic duo were partying at the same nightclub outside of which Lindsay supposedly ran into a guy's knee with her car a few weeks ago. To clarify, this is not the same nightclub where Linds met a guy whom later she accused of trying to choke her in her hotel room. Got that straight?

Anyway, Linds and her ma were partying and sources say they then got into some kind of an argument about whether to take a cab or Lindsay's hired limo. Imagine that. For years, people have been all, Why doesn't Lindsay just hire a driver so she won't get into so much car trouble? And then she does, and there's still a heapin' handful of trouble.

So Linds and Mommy Crayest ended up arguing in the limo all the way home. At one point someone (who??) told police that Linds was being "held against her will" by Dina and the limo driver. (Attention limo driver: Run, my man. Run, run, run!! It ain't worth it, bro!!)

BUT. This fracas with mom could be just what Lindsay needs. After Dina's jaw-dropping wackadoodleness on Dr. Phil, it's become apparent (if it wasn't before) that Dina may not -- how do I put this? umm? -- be the best influence on LiLo. Plus, she's starting to look just like Dina. While emulating one's mother might not be such a bad thing for some people -- in this case, it's not such a hot idea, unless you mean hot mess idea.

So I say if this latest 911 call ends with these two taking a little breaky-poo from each other, it might be for the best.

Do you think Lindsay needs to get away from her mother?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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