Emily Maynard & Jef Holm's Engagement May Be Off -- As Are All Bets Their Romance Was Ever Real

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Emily Maynard and Jef HolmOh we wanted to believe in Emily Maynard and Jef Holm's relationship. We really did. Over the years we've seen way too many romances go awry between Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that left us wondering if Trista and Ryan Sutter are the only ones to whom a final rose really means anything. And then came this adorable couple who was headed down the aisle.

That's right, was. According to a new report, Emily and Jef have already called off their engagement. According to Reality Steve, they are: “Done. Over. No longer engaged.” 

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He says that while it hasn't been reported elsewhere yet, he has sources that have confirmed it.

It just happened a couple days ago. Right now, they are in the process of figuring out how they are going to present the breakup to the media, when they’re gonna release the statement, and who the statement will be released to. Could be tomorrow, could be in a few days, could be next week, could be in two weeks.

Before you cry your eyes out for what was meant to be, remember it is Reality Steve who's reporting this, so at this point it's just speculation. However, he has been known to be right on more than one occasion, and additional reports of Jef partying in California without Emily seem to make his assertions more believable. A cryptic tweet Jef sent out a few days ago adds even more skepticism. He wrote: “What comes easy wont last. What lasts won’t come easy." That doesn't sound good.

As sad as it is though, if it's true, I can't say it would be all that surprising. Like too many of these reality romances we watch bloom before our eyes, theirs too rang at least a little false. If her saying she couldn't go to the bathroom without missing him wasn't a clue that they were perhaps overacting this whole thing, I don't know what was. It's true that their relationship seemed/seems more believable than most we see come out of these shows, but sadly that's not saying an awful lot.

Do you think their engagement is really off? Do you think their romance ever was/is real?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

She's so phony, Didn't like her in the Bachelor and still didn't like her in the Bachelorette.  

Debbie Schuman Peters

I think she's a gold digger and think he's a wimp.


Janessa Leoni

She looks like a horse. LOL sorry but could her mouth be any bigger and teeth? Where did she get what money she has? She is not intelligent at all.

Janessa Leoni

Well my Mare is prettier actually.  What is that show thinking?  Bring the gal back from 2 seasons ago. She was cute and educated.  Not that I am all that but...

Vikki Mendoza

So sad to hear this....hope it is not true.love you sign

nonmember avatar Realist

What do you mean "keep in mind it is Reality Steve reporting this."? He is like 95% right ALL THE TIME. Hate to burst your bubble, but, if he is reporting it, then it is true.

Rose Marie Livingston

Breaks my heart b/c I really felt he was totally serious about her. There is a child involved here and I felt he was trying hard to be the father she never had. If this is all true and I fear it is......my heart goes out to all three. This is the one couple I really did believe in.......I have loved following them on twitter and watching them bond together. I'm very sad.

Audrey Roberts

Well another 2 bits the dist.

nonmember avatar GUEST2012

Their engagement is off??? GEE, WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! --- NOT!!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

reality life is terriable

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