'DWTS' Results Recap: Kelly Monaco's Subtle Strategy Can't Be Beat (VIDEO)

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Kelly MonacoLet me ask you a question -- Is this the best season of Dancing With the Stars ever or is this the BEST season of Dancing With the Stars EVER? I mean, past seasons were always entertaining and enjoyable to watch, but this All-Star cast has really stepped the competition up a notch.

Instead of being able to predict who is going home each week, hearing who winds up in jeopardy during the results shows has definitely brought a few surprises. And one thing is perfectly clear -- whoever winds up winning the mirror ball trophy this season has to have some serious talent. And oh yeah -- picture perfect looks and major sex appeal doesn't hurt either. Just ask Kelly Monaco.

Does that girl have everything going for her or what? First of all, it's pretty hard to ignore that she's drop dead gorgeous. At 36, she looks way better than most 26-year-olds -- and she's got a figure just about any woman would kill for. And then there's the whole semi-innocent flirty thing she's got going on with Val Chmerkovskiy.

Let's face it -- DWTS viewers love the idea of partners hooking up -- and these two definitely act like they're doing it. (And they totally are, don't-cha-think?!?) Couple Kelly's looks and possible blossoming romance with the fact that she won the very first season of Dancing With the Stars, and you've got yourself the perfect formula for winning the whole she-bang once again. (Girl has some major strategy going on.) Even though all of the contestants got to choose each other's dances for next week -- Kelly's recipe for success is virtually impossible to duplicate.

Just in case you weren't paying attention last night (or if you simply want an encore viewing) -- here is Kelly Monaco's sexy Paso Doble.

On to the results -- tonight's double elimination proved even further just how much harder contestants are going to have to work to make it to the finals this time around. I have to admit, I was pretty sad to see Drew Lachey go home -- and I can't help but wonder if he'd still be around if he'd been paired with Cheryl Burke instead of Anna Trebunskaya.

But honestly, how in the heck did Helio Castroneves wind up going home instead of Bristol Palin? (And Sabrina Bryan didn't deserve to be at the bottom either -- but at least she's safe for another week.)

I genuinely like Bristol, I really do -- but Helio definitely out-performed her this week (and every week thus far for that matter). But as I said last week, Bristol has absolutely nothing to lose. And if I had to guess, I'd say she'll probably stick around for at least two or three more weeks.

Were you shocked that Drew and Helio were the eliminated cast members tonight?


Image via AwesomeArtistsLive/YouTube

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Debra Ann

I was very surprised at tonight's eliminations. I am still in disbelief why Bristol Palin remains  in this competition, given the very obvious fact that she CAN NOT dance!

Roberta Woicinski Castano

I am disappointed in these people who vote. All they are doing, is looking that ones they, not based on thei dance ability. These to performers were way to good to be sent home this week. PEOPLE!!!! Look at Kirsty Ally, now is in no way a contender for the Globe Award. The two sent home tonight, were definately great enough ti challange the other the that Mirror Globe Ball! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Please vote according to their dance ability....NOT by popularity!! That's not the way to vote, dont it, just because you know them and other know them. It's NOT by popular demand, this is on "DANCE TALENCE" "LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY" Thanks, now go out there and vote for the BEST ADANCING ---NOT because you are "fans" of the ohters. Do the Right thing. Vote off the dancers that aren't as good. Kirsty Ally and Bristol Palin are the two that need to be vote FIRST. I vote for other people to give them the most votes to take away votes from them. Everyone else needs to do the same thing. Let's get them off. They don't need to be there. COME ON FOLKS....LET'S DO THISSSSSS!

Patricia Wilson

Bristol Palin should of went home the first week, instead of Joey!!!!!!!I guess her mom is BUYING VOTES for her to keep her on the show. I'm done with DWTS this season!!!!!!!!Bristol has no dance ability in her, the ones that have went home had more dance ability in their little toes!!!!

bills... billsfan1104

Lmao at the people who complain that Bristol is still there. I bet the same people who complain, dont vote or they only vote once.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Drew is fun to watch, but he does dance flat-footed, which you just can't do in ballroom and they have told him every week. I know he won season 2, but the dancing has gotten progressively better since then. Bristol was freaking genius for playing the sympathy card for more votes. I actually have to wonder if Mark didn't plan that himself, except that she did look genuinely upset, and I doubt she's a better actress than she is a dancer. Joey and Helio gone, Bristol still here, even Bristol looked embarassed to watch Helio leave instead of her! I don't know if I can keep watching...Kelly was wonderful, though!
@Billsfan, I don't think anyone votes only once, if you vote online, it's only clicking on one buttton over and over again until you run out of votes, not too tough!


I'm terrible disappointed. A double elimination and the worst two are still there. Sorry billsfan but Bristol and Kirstie Alley should have gone home last night. This is a dancing competition and neither of them can dance. I'm very sad about Helio. I will sure miss his smile.

nonmember avatar DBG

I prefer how So You Think You Can Dance phrases the winner.. "America's Favorite Dancer". DWTS winner will definitely be "America's Favorite Celebrity Dancer" not the best one.

nonmember avatar eljeran

Kelly Monaco is a cronic c-lister. She grosses me out. Funny that the most respectable work she has ever done has been DWTS. She might as well have gotten into porn.

nonmember avatar eljeran

the fact Bristol is still on the show should prove to all of you that the whole DWTS thing is a sham. STOP WATCHING! You all sit around watching rigged crap so that is heavy with commercial advertisements which is more why these shows are in the air in the first place. THEN....watch Kelly and The View in the morning as the highlight all that stupid crap. GOD! I wish people werent so sickening and stupid and chose to fill their brains with intelligent things.

Tina Smithy

I can't understand how Bristol stayed as long as she did, but there is no use hating on Kirstie. Even she knew from the beginning that her strength would be entertainment and comedy, and both her and Maks know they won't win. I enjoy watching her the same way I did Carson Kressly. He couldn't dance, but I looked forward to watching what he would do every week because he made me laugh. Thats what people are voting for...a dance could be technically perfect, but if its not entertaining to watch, people will be bored.

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