Hulk Hogan's Lover Heather Clem: 7 Things We Wish We Didn't Know About Her (PHOTO)

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heather clemOh my, I have so many thoughts about this Hulk Hogan sex tape. Thoughts such as "don't want" and "no thank you" and "who the hell is Heather Clem, anyway?" Heather Clem, the lucky lady featured in the video, is the former wife of Hogan's best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge (yup, that's his legal name, though he was born Todd Alen Clem, so don't blame his parents). Hogan confirms he "banged" his friend's wife with his blessing, because Hogan was so miserable with Linda. And the rest is leaked sex video history.

So ... who has sex with an aging reality TV star and former WWF wrestler, anyway?

Heather Clem was born Heather Cole and is 38 years old.

Heather is Bubba's second wife. It appears they were not actually married at the time of the sex tape (2006), just seeing each other. Heather and Bubba married in 2008 and Bubba filed for divorce in 2011. Hulk Hogan was the best man at their wedding.

Heather has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Heather is reportedly "completely devastated" by the video leak. She's embarrassed partly because she considers Hulk "cheesy," though on the tape she refers to him as a "hot commodity." Does that make Hulk nacho cheese?

She's also reportedly embarrassed by all of Hulk's interruptions, what with stopping her in the middle of a sex act to check his cellphone ("Let me see if that's Nick. Hold on.") and later going on about how he feels like a pig because he ate too much earlier. She's worried that the video "makes her look like a piece of meat." 

Perhaps you would like to get a better sense of what Heather Clem looks like? Well you're in luck -- Examiner has compiled a slideshow for you.

Apparently Heather likes dogs. (See link to photos.)

And there you go! You now know way more about Heather Clem than you even knew you wanted to know.

How would you feel right now if you were Heather Clem?


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tbruc... tbrucemom

I'd rather bang Hulk Hogan than Bubba the Love Sponge, but thank God I don't have to make that choice! I have to add, what is it with all the sex tapes? I was married for 28 years and we never made a sex tape, but if you're stupid enough to make one don't be "embarassed" when it gets out because they always do. Bubba sounds like such a stand up guy letting his best friend bang his girlfriend because he was upset about splitting up with his wife, NOT! I honestly don't know which of the three parties in this scenario is the most despicable.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Best line ever: " Does that make Hulk nacho cheese?". Love it!

Rebecca McClure

Dude I looked at her pics and wonder what she was doing with bubba the love sponge myself.

cmjaz cmjaz

Listen, she is a mother and got talked into doing something incredibly stupid. She should be embarrassed. But I won't judge a woman by one dumb ass thing she did for a man. If I did, it would make me a serious hypocrite. No, I have never made a sex tape but there are other equally stupid things I did do for a guy, back in the day.

nonmember avatar Mary

Of course she should be embarassed, Heather Clem is just another used appliance, another Tara Reid.

Venae Venae

How would I feel?  Nervous - as I await the results of my AIDS test.

candy... candyw210

CMJAZ i highly doubt she got " talked into doing something incredibly stupid" she was a willing party in sleeping with another man while she was in a relationship. I don't feel bad for her one bit. She is trash just like the others involved. She allowed herself to be treated like a piece of meat when she spread her legs willingly for another man while she was with someone else; so why is she complaining that she feels like a piece of meat? She was one when she slept with him while with someone else. That's all she was to him. Shocker that they are divorced now.If you have to stoop so low to please your man by sleeping with his best friend then I have no pity for you and no one else should. I have never had to resort to anything like that nor would I do anything stupid for a man. If you do then you have some serious self esteem issues you should probably work out. If the person I am with is not happy with who I am then there is the door. You should never have to do anything to try and keep a man they should want to stay with you for you.

tuffy... tuffymama

I learned my lesson with some risqué Polaroids back in high school. Forget a sex tape! That's begging trouble. I don't even know the appeal. I certainly don't wanna watch other people in such an intimate state. Blecch!

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

haha ew Nacho Cheese!


btw ew ew ew who in the world would want to watch that!


nonmember avatar Lawanna

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