'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Cheat Sheet: Catch Up on the First 4 Films in Time for the Premiere

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Breaking Dawn Part 2It's here. It's here. It's finally here! It's Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere week! The movie comes out on Friday, November 16. And millions of Twi-hards will be dragging their best friends to the theaters this weekend, whether they've seen the first four films or not.

So what if you're in the "I don't watch Twilight movies" bunch? This is bound to be a box office buster, and you're going to want to be part of it. But we don't want you to be completely lost when you hunker down with your popcorn. We've got a Breaking Dawn Part 2 cheat sheet to catch you up on everything Twilight! You might want to print this one out (and bring a pen light). It's going to keep you from whispering "huh" to your Edward-loving friends all night.

Bella Swan -- Played by Kristen Stewart. She started out as a normal high school student who moved to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her dad after her mom got remarried. Then she fell in love with a vampire, graduated from high school, married him, and had his child. Now she's a vampire too.

Edward Cullen -- Bella's vampire husband, played by Robert Pattinson. He's a "vegetarian" vampire who doesn't believe in attacking people, and he glitters in the sun (yeah, yeah, we know). He "turned" Bella to a vampire at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1, but it was really to save her life after the difficult delivery of their daughter.

Renesmee Cullen -- Bella and Edward's daughter. Yes, most Twilight fans are thinking exactly what you are about the name. It's a mash-up of Bella's mom, Renee, and Edward's mom, Esme. It's dumb. Did I mention Bella became a mom just after graduating from high school and getting married? Moving on.

Jacob Black -- Bella's bestie who has had a hella crush on her for about as long as she's been pining for Edward, he's played by Taylor Lautner. He's Native American. Oh yeah, and a werewolf with insanely fantastic abs. The huge problem here is that werewolves aren't exactly crazy about vampires -- go figure, huh? Jacob and his wolf pack have had to learn to love Edward and his family because they don't attack people, but it's a tenuous relationship at best. And now for the really big news: he's "imprinted" on baby Renesmee. It's some crazy wolf thing that basically means they're soulmates, and he will do anything he can to protect her. He'll have to wait until she's a grownup to actually be with her though, so it's not creepy ... but only just.

So now that you've got the main characters down, just one more thing. The vampires and the werewolves are coming together to form a small army of supernatural heroes (think the Avengers) to fight the Volturi, the cutthroat leaders of the vampire world. This s--t is about to get real.

Do you have your tickets for Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet? Are you going to need a cheat sheet to get through it?


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nonmember avatar Michelle

Sorry no matter how you word it, phrase it, or talk about it imprinting on an infant is creepy. No matter how quick she ages or how old she looks she is still age was a child. I'd be worrying if I was the child if I was just a replacement for my mother.


kconn... kconnolly19

Not that I would want someone to imprint on my child. But it has nothing to do with sex or a sexual nature. It's an animal thing. Ducks imprint on their mothers. Geese do as well. It's just a strong attachment. In the books it is even stated that it's not some weird (gross) thing, whatever the imprintee needs the imprinter to be is what they will be for them. For instance, Jacob will forever protect Renesmee. It doesn't mean he is going to fall in love with her or lusts after her. He is basically the overprotective older brother.

Just wanted to explain that for those that haven't read the books or anything.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Trust me I read the books I remember when Jacob asked Quil who imprinted on Claire if he would date anyone else while Claire was a child Quil responded that he would wait till Claire was old enough to date him more or less. If it was just about what the imprinted needed why would Quil wait 14-16 years for Claire to be age appropriate to date? If I was Bella I would have ripped Jacob's throat out for imprinting on my child. It was a little too convenient that he imprinted on Bella's child. That for me ruined the book I would not even cared if it had been Seth but for me to have it have been Jacob was the worse part of the whole series.

And yes it is gross.

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