QVC Host Faints On Air & Heartless Show Keeps Selling (VIDEO)

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QVC host passes outOkay, is there some sort of bizarre competition going on for who can endure the most dramatic physical ailment in front of a live audience without missing a beat? Because first we had Justin Bieber blowing chunks mid-concert with barely a break to wipe his mouth, then we had Lady Gaga repeatedly hurling in front of thousands of fans while managing to incorporate DANCE MOVES in between barf sessions. And now we have some poor lady on QVC who PASSED OUT on her co-host -- while he continued to pitch the children's product they were selling.

I mean, we've all heard the phrase "the show must go on," but jeez, shouldn't there be a few exceptions to the rule? At least in Bieber's and Gaga's case, they made the choice to keep performing, but when you see this QVC video, it's unbelievable no one stopped to address the medical situation happening on-air.

The QVC segment that aired on Sunday night featured Dan Hughes and his guest host Cassie Slane promoting an Android tablet for kids. Everything started out fine, but then Slane suddenly began to mumble incoherently, pat her chest, and appeared to stumble directly into Hughes before the camera cut away.

That seems like it would have been the perfect opportunity to take a break of some kind, but check out what happened next:

Yeah. QVC cut away to a shot of the product, but Hughes just kept on selling. While a woman was having a MEDICAL EMERGENCY right next to him! That's some cold-hearted Glengarry Glen Ross shit right there, man. First prize is a set of steak knives! Second prize is YOUR CO-HOST HAS A HEART ATTACK AND DIES AT YOUR FEET WHILE YOU PLUG A "FUNTAB PRO."

Luckily, Slane made a full recovery -- at least according to another QVC host who posted on Facebook:

Cassie is fine now, thank goodness! She had a couple of fainting spells due to low blood sugar. Poor thing. She is such a nice girl.

Poor thing indeed. Nothing like seeing firsthand that your health is less important than making sure people keep signing up for those three easy payments of $49.98.

Do you think QVC should have stopped the show to make sure Cassie Slane was okay?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

I don't think they should have drawn attention to it because that would just put more pressure on her. QVC is a business and the goals of all business is to make as much profit as possible.

nonmember avatar Happydad

So by your logic, if an employee faints at Sears or Macys or any other store they should quit selling things and draw attention to the fallen worker?!? You really don't sound very familiar with retail or with the buying public at large.

lovin... lovinallofthem


disgusting to me...just put more pressure on her?!?!? are you KIDDING me??

low blood sugar????

that could have resulted in a COMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

poor thing?!?!??!?!?!

F - U , QVC!!! thats my response to that ...


Shandi80 Shandi80

I think they handled it as best they could for a tv shopping program. What was the host supposed to say? "OMYGOD, MY GUEST HOST FAINTED! OMG OMG OMG!" And then people would great freaked out, probably never tele-shop again, and for what? A guest host with low blood sugar whose situation they couldn't handle professionally. No, I think QVC handled this pretty well.

nonmember avatar Slam

The thing about Sears and Macy's is that they're not on freaking television. They can't cut to something else like QVC can. That said, it'd be silly for an entire department store to stop selling things, but those in immediate proximity should probably tend to the medical issue if one occurs. When I worked in retail, we were trained in dealing with certain situations like this. Anyway, a couple of employees stopping their work for a little while won't have THAT big of an effect on the corporate sales and profits.

nonmember avatar Slam

Really? "Never tele-shop again"? I think that'd be a drastic reaction. Personally, if I saw someone faint on live television I'd rather see them at least make a bit more effort to take care of the situation before going on with the program.

Shandi80 Shandi80

But Slam, don't know that the sky is falling?!

Princ... Princessofscots

The same thing happened a few years back, not sure it was QVC persay, but it was a sword demo, and the sword blade broke off during a live sales show, and stabbed the host. One of the crew members stepped in and continued the sales pitch.

Maybe it sounds heartless, but they also quietly got the injured man off set, and to medical attention. However, Television is a HUGELY expensive endeavor. They handle things the best they can.

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy

I love that the camera guy (if that is who said it) said with a chuckle, "yeah - keep selling dude." Assuming she is fine -- that is funny. The show must go on!

Rebecca Rachael Vega

From the best I can tell, the guy is selling but the sound makes me think he's down on the floor with the lady while he sells.  That looks a lot like a seizure based on what I saw.  I'd say  they handled it as best they could, assuming the other host is, in fact, down on the floor trying to help while selling.

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