'DWTS' Recap: Shawn Johnson Is Not the Only One to Beat

DWTSThe Dancing With the Stars All-Star season is by FAR and away the best season this show has ever had. Whether it's Gilles Marini flying on stage or Melissa Rycroft shaking her booty, this season is rife with talent and sparks.

Seriously, it would be hard to pick one person who is an obvious stand-out. Well, that is, except for Shawn Johnson. There is something about this girl.

Of course paired with Derek Hough, arguably the best male dancer, it's no shock that she is totally kicking booty. Still, it's not just him. She could practically be a professional.

Her dance tonight broke all the rules and yet she STILL managed to come out on top. That's skill.

Of course, she isn't the only one who is bringing it to the floor. Gilles Marini is also a hot contender. Personally, he isn't my favorite as he takes things a little too seriously -- what was all that nonsense about making everything his own (insert eye roll)? -- but admittedly he is a mean dancer.

Emmitt Smith also did an amazing Paso Doble tonight. Any male paired with Cheryl Burke is usually strong, but Emmitt is bringing his own flavor and making it look easy.

In other Paso Doble news, Kelly Monaco also brought the heat to the floor and she could very easily win the whole thing.

To my eyes, these are the strongest four. The only two I could see going home tomorrow are Bristol Palin (please God, what was that crying fit?) and Drew Lachey. Everyone else left seems to have a pretty high level of talent and stamina.

But really, this is anyone's dance floor. This season has been by far and away the best season ever on the show. I look forward to Monday night!

Who do you think is the best?


Image via ABC

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I pretty much agree with you except I think either Bristol or Kirstie should go home tonight. I wasn't a huge fan of Johnson's the first time around but am enjoying her more this time. I find Gilles to be a touch whiny. Emmett and Kelly are my two favorites.

Sally Bartlett

I love olympic champs and would love to see Shawn and Apolo go head to head at the end...In fact I think they would make a cute couple...ha ha

nonmember avatar Shirley Bonta

I agree on who was eliminated tonight 10/16/12...I think it should've been done last week. Some people are born to dance & some aren't....I admire all that have the guts to get on stage (tv)and dance for the world to see....I adnireall of you for your efforts! God Bless You All...Great Job

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