'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Part 1 Recap: Aviva Drescher Tries to Redeem Herself & Fails Miserably

Aviva Drescher Well, Aviva Drescher tried. Hard. But no one was rushing to accept her apologies on part one of The Real Housewives of New York City reunion tonight.

Her recount of what happened when she lost her leg as a child -- three hours stuck in the machine while she writhed in pain and feared for her life -- was painful to hear indeed. I don't in any way doubt that such an experience would profoundly affect anyone, and her phobias definitely make more sense in that context. But it's still no excuse for her being an uppity diva who thinks the world revolves around her.

Oh, she was well rehearsed with her apologies for Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer. "I am profusely sorry for the way I treated you," she told them. But the ladies weren't jumping to accept, primarily because she's been bashing them on her blog and in the media ever since. She's definitely not acting sorry despite her dramatic mea culpa.

I take that back. I think Aviva is sorry, but only sorry that viewers saw her for the narcissist she is, and that she's become the show's villain. When Andy Cohen asked her how she felt watching the show back, she said, "I couldn’t believe how completely unhinged I had become." But the problem is she hasn't hinged herself back since, as Ramona and Sonja kept pointing out to her. If she was truly sorry for what happened in St. Bart's, she wouldn't continue to bash them.

I really think she thought she'd win the hearts of viewers by taking down Ramona, but it all backfired on her, and now she stands alone. She's trying hard to backpedal, but it's not working. Even Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson weren't cutting her any slack, especially when it came to her calling them "pent-up cougars" and Reid calling the women "overweight Girls Gone Wild."

I'm not sure there's much Aviva can do at this point to repair her relationship with the ladies. On her blog today, Ramona said she's still "taking in" Aviva's apology, but she's cautious because "her actions have not matched her words." The damage seems pretty deep, but we'll see IF Aviva comes back for another season.

Next week is part two, and I can't wait to see if Aviva has more apologies ready or if she goes on the defensive (again) when it comes to her father crashing Ramona's event.

The rest of the reunion was pretty dull, with the little spat between Carole and Ramona, some Harry Dubin debate, and the Heather and Ramona riff being reviewed. When it came to any real drama, however, it was all about Aviva, just like she likes it ... though probably not this time.

Do you think Aviva's apology was sincere? Do you think Sonja and Ramona will ever forgive her? Should they?


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nonmember avatar Maureen

I don't think she failed. I think she is a rose among thorns. How can anyone be gracious amongst that slugfest?

OKgirl OKgirl

Aviva is awful. She acts incredibly entitled and appears to be very unkind to others. Yuck. I hope she doesn't come back next season.

loves... lovesouldoula

it was a SNOOZE FEST. why do they even need a part two? These ladies have had way too much botox,it hurts to watch.

Jacqueline Lennon Ross

Ramona and Sonya couldn't care less about other peoples sorrows or anything else, they only care about themselves. Aviva is out of her league slumming with these crazy women.

Paula Csatari

I don't think Aviva's apology was sincere, but I also don't feel she owes Ramona or Sonja the time of day. Ramona's a big mouth, who always has to have the last word & never shuts up & Sonja is a disgrace as a mother. She is a tramp. I like Heather & Carole. I think their a breath of fresh air.

Carol Opie

Aviva is embarassed only because she realized that the niewers thought she was a freak, and not because she has a prothesis, because she's weird ball!

Next week Aviva is going to try to defend her father and will fail miserably and here's why:  Her father doesn't need her protection, he has already alienated himself among many viewers because of the way he treats women.  He even hustles up his own daughter for f*cks sake. 

I don't buy for one minute that he didn't insinuate himself into that party because there were so many women present and that, in itself is unforgivable since the party was for acts inflicted upon women.   While Ramona may have taken it a bit too far about him touching her (I dont feel it was an assault) he did in fact touch her when she was obviously shunning him and that should have been enough for George to stop. 

I think George is disgusting and I'll bet many women are appalled when he comes on to them.  I've had years of men being bold towards me and I can brush it off with the best of them, but this guy is a complete turn off in every way he objectifies women.  I guess he's the antithesis of sexy and that makes a huge difference! IF Aviva, and not Bravo, set that scene up, she should be ashamed of herself buying her father's way into that party when she could have mailed a check.  How dumb do you think we all are?

Latesha Boyd

Aviva's apology was nice. I love a woman that can admitt when their wrong. I think Sonja and Ramona in over thier heads with Aviva. Aviva can articulate a thought and is very well educated and well spoken. Sonja and RAmona have no idea how to relate to Aviva. Sonja's a joke, in previous season's she's shown almost every part of her aging body which is classless. Ramona's just awful, evil and miserable in that loveless marriage she and Mario are in.

Pamela Privitera

I just want to know where the make-up artists were for these women. They ALL had lipstick all over their teeth and that WAS the most interesting part of the show.

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