8 Hot Celeb Guys Who Just Don't Get Enough Love (PHOTOS)

Thomas JaneBradley Cooper. Ryan Gosling. Robert Pattinson. We're always hearing about the same hot guys all the time. And no one's complaining -- they're hot! But so are these eight dudes, who get about a quarter of the recognition.

On one hand, we kind of like that they're under the radar -- more of them for us; on the other, it's a g.d. crime if there ever was one. Because these guys are smokin'.

Drink it in, ladies.




Image via Splash


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tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't even know who a couple of these guys are but the one that's a "potential Christian Grey" is very cute.  My vote for hot guy who doesn't get enough love is Jensen Ackles from the Supernatural TV series. The guy is seriously the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

nonmember avatar terry77

Tbrucemom, you are so right. Dear God, that man gets better looking each year. I seriously cannot look away when he's on the screen. Wow.

nonmember avatar Sharon

A lot o white men get attention in celebrity-dom. So here is my addition smoking hot talented men o' color that really need to be all over the place.
1. Daniel Dae Kim (hottest guy on lost ever)
2. Isaiah Mustafa (the guy that made me not think of sweaty old man balls when old spice is in the air)
3. Mos Def (need I say more)
4. Aaisf Mandvi (Daily Show too cute, too funny)
5. Russel Wong (Hawaii 5-0)
6. Oded Fehr (The guy I loved in the Mummy)
7. Nigel Barker( Can we get rid of Tyra Banks et all and just make him the Judge of American's Top Model.)
8. Michael Trevino (Really hot werewolf on Vampire Diaries.)

Yay I fixed your white wash.

Julie Kirstin Pederson

I vote for Mathew Mcconohaughy....yea I totally slaughtered his last name but ya'll know what I mean.

Angel Davis

Oliver Jackson-Cohen looks the part not sure if he could act it but the rest of those guys (gag) are not even remotely close to looking the part much less acting it. If Toby McGuire ends of playing the part, I will NOT watch the movie. Matthew McConaughey is too old! He isn't even close to being as sexy as he use to be.bad

Jaqueline Marques Do Vale

Gael Garcia Bernal would be a great José .... and my Mr. Grey is Sean Faris! OMG so hot.....

Kathy Gunnarson-Lackey

Not one of them pictured here even come close to what my visual of Christian Grey the hottie would be. Sorry guys.

Kathy Gunnarson-Lackey

I however saw this dude jogging past my car after reading the first book and he could definitely play the part in my mind. LOL


nonmember avatar mariana

I think you all are going nuts with this 50 shades thing. Why are you all commenting like this is a potential Christian Grey's list of actors? I is not! Anyway, I think most guys here are in the cool & hip list for me...

Giovanna Lo Papa

There is an actor who plays in "white collar" He is what i think Chrisian looks like! Stunningly goregous!!! :) Some of these actors are not good looking enough sorry no offense.

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