'Teen Mom' Star's Arrest Steals Amber Portwood's Spotlight

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Amber PortwoodAh, the good old days. Back when Teen Mom was just a documentary-style TV show meant to keep our kids from getting pregnant. These days it's looking more like MTV's version of Scared Straight or True Crime what with Amber Portwood's latest confession from prison and Kieffer Delp's latest arrest.

Sad that I had to say "latest" to distinguish them from all the other prison confessions and arrests, huh? But folks, this is where we are at in society. A show that was supposed to warn kids about the dangers of knocking boots has turned into a veritable who's who of the prison system. And there's so much we can learn!

Let's take a look at Amber's confession first, shall we?

It's part of the promotional material for "Amber Portwood: Behind Bars," the MTV special that sent Dr. Drew Pinsky into the Indiana prison to give us an update on her life. The episode airs this week, but the preview video features the mom talking about what she had to give up when she chose prison over kicking her drug habit:

I just miss being able to sleep in. I miss going to Starbucks, driving in my car and listening to music. I know those are material things, but they made me happy. I miss freedom is what it is -- I miss my family.

You'll have to pardon me for stating the obvious here, but I can't be the only one thinking, "Duh, Amber, you chose five years in the slammer! Did you really think you'd be sucking down skinny lattes and sleeping until noon ... you know, all those things you were doing on the outside while Gary took care of your kid?"

Lesson to America: prison sucks y'all. They don't even have fake eyelashes in there!

And then there's Keiffer Delp, or as I like to call him, Reefer. Jenelle Evans' pipe-making ex-boyfriend (Didn't you hear? Jenelle and her new man are already shacking up!) has a long rap sheet that includes getting arrested with her on charges of breaking and entering, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia, and of course that pesky domestic violence charge for hurting her on camera. But the Delpster went for a change of scenery this time around and got treated to a pair of metal bracelets at a New Jersey bar.

Although Jenelle tweeted that he was being hauled in for old warrants in the Garden State, Reefer made it out of the clink in time to respond that this was simply over an open container (odd: aren't all containers open when you're in a bar?). Neither one is terribly trustworthy here, but we get the picture: Kieffer is a scummy dude, and Jenelle is better off without him. Now if only she'd actually stop Tweeting about him and actually focus on her own problems!

Lesson to America: lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas, giant ones who tend to wear the same hoodie every day and smoke pot on your Mom's porch.

Of course these two aren't the first jailbirds to come out of Teen Mom. We've seen Tyler's dad Butch Baltierra and Farrah's mom Debra Danielson. Butch in particular spends more time in jail than out, causing an obvious amount of pain for his son and future daughter-in-law. But these younger criminals and their repeated brushes with the law could be a show onto themselves.

What do you make of the look at crime in America we've been treated to via Teen Mom?


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Kristi Dwelis

It may make me a terrible person, but I do not feel bad for her in the slightest. She made her own path and is living with the consequences. Its just sad that her daughter has to suffer without her mother. Gary just needs to find a new woman that can be a kick ass stepmother to Leah and show her what a responsible female role model is. Hooray for step moms!

Mark Cox

The children of these girls and their families....lets hope they make it thru...they are in for trouble

Dr drew....what happened to you

leomo... leomomof2

Jeanne Sager. If the highlight of ur job is to ridicule and judge young men and women , especially if the young woman chose prison so that she could get her life straightened out, then u may need to do some self reflection. Ur job sucks and so does ur article.

e.nic... e.nicole.w

I think they need to stop showing all of these people on TV all together. There is no reason why they should be filmed and they are making fools of themselves. I understand why Teen Mom started and they say that originally it was supposed to show people how difficult it really was in hopes that it would deter some young people but I don't think that's what's happened in the least bit. They make these girls into celebrities and people tune in to their train wreck lives and wonder what went wrong. Well it seems to me that these girls have made bad decisions from the get go and instead of MTV (or anyone else for that matter) trying to help them they just keep the cameras rolling. It's very sad.

Lissa Fehr

real moms dont get to sleep in.

Lisa Tate

Didn't they giver her a choice? Didn't she have the option of going to detox intead of prison? I have no sympathy for her doing time in jail.

jj4ij jj4ij

I just have to say this..... Amber is a lost soul, she has had more problems in her life than you could even sympathize with and all you do is put her down? Gary made things so hard on her that she lost all hope, almost like when one commits suicide, she just chose jail. She has never had anyone in her corner when she needed them. She is not only left alone to deal with problems that she has no idea how to deal with, she is pushed into a corner by that dumb ass Gary. While he goes out partying and promoting himself, his MOM has Leah, not him. He does not take care of that child. For christs sakes didn't anyone watch the show. The times he did have her, he couldn't even stand to deal with her, he immediately called his mom and when she said no to taking Leah, he put her to bed. Is that a real parent????? It was early enough that he would have his mom come get her, but yet he is putting her to bed? Great dad. Then when Amber is trying to do right and get a home so that she can spend more time with Leah, he fights her??? She was trying. Until anyone who judges her can say that they have been in her hopeless shoes, leave her be. I am happy she didn't really kill herself. There is hope for her and I wish her the best. My heart breakes for her as I have been in her shoes.

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