'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Call It Quits

Bachelor Ben and CourtneyNo one believed Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson were going to make it five minutes. It turns out, they made it 11 months. The couple has (unsurprisingly) called it quits after just 11 months of being "engaged."

Just as an aside: When is this show going to stop pretending these people are EVER getting married? It has become so unlikely, it's almost a joke. It would be far MORE shocking if the couple actually made it to the altar.

Look, I'd like to say I am sad, but the truth is, we all saw this coming for months. Courtney was vilified and hated on the show and Ben was cheating on her within weeks. Actually, it's amazing they made it this long!

The reality of these reality shows is that about 0.01 percent of the people come on to find "love." The rest are there for one reason: Fame. That's it. It's that simple.

It's a formula that works, too. Each one of these people gets their fame card and then rides that minor celebrity wave for a few years. It's a little sad and a lot pathetic. Unless you are into that kind of thing. But if you are, then you can't possibly be surprised that these two are ending their "relationship." 

He chose her because she was hot and she chose him because she wanted to "win." It's not exactly Romeo and Juliet.

Let's not waste a lot of time wondering what did them in. Could it have been his hair? Her bitchiness? Just what DID break them up? Seriously, are we wondering this? This was so obvious!

Before long they will both be dating new people (if they aren't already) and this will all be a blip on their radar. I can already imagine him going back to Lindzi. Of course, it may be too late! She is all shacked up with Kalon.

Oh well, dude should have chosen better, right?

Are you shocked by this breakup?


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2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Ben was and is WEAK, He chose Courtney because he like the Drama and apparently the crazy that only She could bring. She was that thrill ride at a fun park. He got what he deserved which now is nothing.

Darlene Williford Jones

Why do they get engaged?  Why don't they just say that they want to see where the relationship will go.  Enjoy the journey and not put so much pressure on the relationship.

silen... silentlady

don't forget about trista and ryan sutter - they've made it for 9 years being married!!

Audrey Roberts

We told him not to pick. We knew what she was like and some of the girls tried to tell him. So he should of picked the one that he left.

Maria Perretta

She was never right for Benin thevfirst place. Not surprised they broke up..it should have Ben done along time ago.

nonmember avatar bonnie

not shocked

Bonnie Ann Creighton

This was a match made in Hell! Ben was not thinking with his head. Courtney was bad news from day 1.

Kathay Palmer

Gee, what a surprise!!!!  Actually the surprise is that it lasted this long.  Courtney is BAD NEWS and I pity anyone who "chooses" her.  Ben is weak -- he was warned and warned and stupidly chose to ignore everything.  The big surprise is that it lasted this long.  Courtney's never going to change but I really hope her 5 minutes of fame is OVER!

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