Is Christina Aguilera's 'Lotus' the Hottest Nude Album Cover Ever? (PHOTOS)

christina aguileraSo Christina Aguilera is naked on the cover of her new album, "Lotus," and everybody's all, Omg, Christina Aguilera is naked on the cover of her new album, "Lotus!" Except I'm not really sure why, because she's usually at least half-naked on the covers of her albums and/or in her videos. Why all the fuss this time? (Is it because of that whole thing with the faked "fat girl" quotes, maybe?)

I don't know. But at least we know one thing for sure -- musicians sure do like stripping down for album covers. Hey, sex sells: "Look at me! I'm naked! Buy my album!" Aguilera is hardly the first to employ this marketing tactic, and she won't be the last -- but is she the best? Let's take a look at some other nudie-pants pop stars and find out!

Which of these gets your vote for the hottest album cover?


Image via Christina Aguilera/Twitter

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Mindi Brizendine

To me it screams, Hey I'm photoshopped. 

the4m... the4mutts

Gag! Blech! I missed the Prince generation, and I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing him like that. Could someone please hand me a rusty spoon? I need to dig my eyes out.

Zoeberry Zoeberry

All I know is that I'm  sick and tired of seeing her large, inflated, fake boobs on the voice

Jennifer Kupper Swan

Christina needs to cover up on her cover and everywhere else. 

Hmmm, women can't BF in public because it's offensive but Christina can walk around half naked and that is cool.  This world is screwed up.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

Katie Perry definitely has my vote as best! NOONE wants to see Octomom naked...blehh!!

Jammi... Jammie209

Katy Perry definitely has my vote for best album cover. Out of the 5 you put up, who in their right mind would want to see Octomom or Prince naked. Yuck :-/

tuffy... tuffymama

I wonder if Zoeberry is offended by Adam's tattoos or Cee-Lo's fat? Hmmm. Lotta woman haters on The Stir. "OMG! Her boobs! They're in my eyes and they offendz meh!" Get over it. She's an entertainer. Just like tattoos, watches the size of dinner plates, five o'clock shadows and pink hair are parts of people's images as entertainers, so are her boobs. If you don't like it, don't look. The remote control gives you ultimate voting power on it. Body shaming of anyone is wrong, and we should be over it by now. It's divisive and distracts us as a gender from real issues.

Todd Vrancic

Most of these covers look awkward to me.  Just sayin'.

mik1of3 mik1of3

Love me some Prince.  Always have.  As for all the hate...Didn't expect anything else from a generation who thinksmultiple tattoos, piercings, baggy pants with underwear hanging out, sideways baseball caps, and neon / candy colored hair is sexy.

Charles Volcher


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